jingling is just vibing but you're wearing a collar

Time for our regularly-scheduled stream!
#Foxfriends, Join 'Hana and me as we return to Chrono Trigger! Stream starts NOW.

#Foxfriends 🦊 ❤️ Thanks to Social Distancing, I have a buncha energy and nowhere to put it. SO I'M DOING A BONUS STREAM!
I've had Freedom Planet sitting in my library and apparently never played it (somehow???) so here goes!

The world is pretty awful, but I’m happy to have my furry friends at home and my furry friends here.

Cat ec

Sunday Streamday Foxfriends 🦊❤️
'Hana and I are beginning playthrough 2 on FEZ! Join us for more mindbending puzzles, starting NOW. Arrive early for the preshow!

Oh my gosh, there's a church on this dreadnought! 

Heyo #Foxfriends 🦊 ❤️
The quarantine is driving us all mad. Get away from in exotic dimensions~
Join 'Hana and me for FEZ.

I'm not streaming this morning 'cause I'm real out of it today... but my cohost Ben is!

You ever look at your history for a specific service and just...

This says a lot about me but I have no idea what.

Impromptu bonus stream!
Join me for this new thing called NOITA, starting right now~

Pill Speakers are not suitable improvised butt toys!

Any insertable should have a flared bass!

Slipped on ectoplasm 

Are sex toy shitposts allowed to have sequels? 

Never doubt the effectiveness of tactical porn

Doin' a stream thing. I do those.
It's Chrono Trigger's 25th Anniversary! Join 'Hana and me, starting NOW~

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