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Another test of KritaToot. This time, trying to see if we can get it to save and upload a temporary png even when the file is saved as a kra(which many #krita files often are!)

This was an image I had started a while ago, when the @Krita account was made. I thought it'd be nice to have an image of Kiki, and Florence, as she's been named, in the same image.


In the 90s, MIT's Athena system devised a system to handle online harrassment. One feature of the system was that the notice of reported abusive behaviour sent to the accused user began with the phrase "Someone using your account…". Users were advised to re-password their accounts, as they may have been hacked. Password resets by UYA recipients were taken in good faith by staff, but the most astonishing thing was that the offending behaviour nearly always stopped there.

I need to remember this technique in the event of anyone doing stuff that merits a warning.

I wonder how we can more effectively spread onboarding across our multilingual community. For large instances like I can see there being the possibility of changing the default followers based on localization profile, maintaining a list of volunteers for each language group, etc... Dunno though.

Headed home :)
Gosh I still get those silly flutters about you all.
Eeee... I just have the joy of being here <3
Be well, all.
It's been a great first year.

I have been running this instance for 10 months.
Wow, time flies sometimes...

Do you hate your browser?

Try loading every fedverse emoji at once!

( Really don't unless you want it to crash )

I am winding down work for the day.
Heading out soon!
Be well everyone!

Alright, I'm going to head home :D
See you all in a bit, be well!

Okay, so today I made a casual mention of the Long Now Clock. Which, if you don't know, is a giant mechanical clock that's designed to run with minimal maintenance and human interference for 10,000 years.

And the full-scale prototype is currently under construction.

I'm so excited I can hardly words about it. Definitely gonna make a pilgrimage to it when it's done.


Maintaining your technology with an eye toward longevity is cool. :D

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