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It's really distressing to see the various justice communities eating eachother. The dominance structures are pervasive and really good at co-optation. I encourage everyone to consider who alienation really serves in your praxis, and to try and treat every encounter with empathy.

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So, basically I think this platform (, ) is a rather important alternative to the current state of major social media.There is a lot of sort of shadowy stuff going on in the other platforms that make them a perilous place for people to live if they actually need their voice heard. This platform provides a super resilient basis for what has become an essential tool for social organization and dialog, and it does so in an ethical way.

@sashahamilton is an epicly cool individual who is fuzzy and deserves hugs. Please help me them to the :D

Right, should probably add tags or something, yeah? So, er,

Uh, hey I guess. Just a weirdo who got talked into making an account by a good friend of mine. Er, not sure all what to say. I write. Ostensibly. Been rather busy as of late, but hopefully I'll get back to it soon. I'm a nerd, and love space to bits, and hard sci-fi, and books in general, and stories, and ... games n' stuff.

So, hullo! o/ Awkwardfox

Listening to a project manager talk about the parallels of SCRUM and Chaos Magick.

My completionist tendencies are harsh sometimes. Especially with podcasts. My brain is just like "Oh, I like this, better clear the entire backlog before I can do anything else"
And that's how I lose hundreds of hours of time to the internet.

reminder that making bread is exceedingly occult, you're ritually creating a tiny microcosm and then destroying it in fire to create the very first meaningful food ever made, the thing that made us settle down and start doing civilization

Alright, winding down to head out :D
See you all in the future!
Be well <3

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