Alright, heading home :)
I'll see you all in the future! :D
Stay safe <3

One of my dreams is to have a group of people I can decide to randomly run a one shot with and they'll actually be able to pull out a character within a half hour and play.

Did you know: you're making the world a little bit better just by being around for those who you care about?
It's true! To bless and be blessed is the nature of the season. We should make an effort not to forget the impact our presence makes in the lives of others.

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I'm thinking about going to bed. You know. Because of the sleepiness.

I see people are loudly complaining about features again.

You should maybe go get some sleep. I rarely feel like I've made a good decision to ride out that early AM mood dip.

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I'll take 'professions where the client occasionally calls 'hit me'' for 800 Elisa.

*flops face first in the dirt*
*muffles "henlo, i am trash mammal."*

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