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In the land of the dead, do they use cryptacurrency?

Incidently, today was my first day at work at the new place. :D their training is a bit off the wall.

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Did you need white box d&d stats for dumb WWII weaponry? Yes. Absolutely.

I get angry at modules when they just give me a bunch of combat encounters, so I made very sure that someone in the party spoke gnoll so we can thoughly derail this dungeon in interesting ways. :P

Oh no D: tusky's been crashing on my pixel with the Q beta installed. I'm back to web clients for now :< hope it gets fixed soon!

Love shook my heart
Like the wind on the mountain
rushing over the oak trees.

<3 Sappho.

Today I am at Sebring.
It's a pretty far drive. Turns my usual 100 miles a day into 200 miles :P Last time I'll ever have to do this.

Both are wrong! W're supposed to expand regular expressions when parsing! :3 :3

Hello. We are watching Leprechaun 2 and 4. Please enjoy your lives.

I switched over to the telegram x client and it's much more battery efficient. Though you do lose access to polls .... :<

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