ultimately i like drawing lewds because I'm big on DIY but don't have room for a table saw

Simular name is all :)
Anyway, nice bumping into you :D hope the day's going well for you.

You wouldn't happen to used to hang out on furnet IRC would you?

I'm going home :)
I'm excited to do so, and hopefully can get some nice chattering in :D
So hopefully see you all soon!

I want to get better at sketching so that I can better communicate layout ideas when my brain gets caught up on specifics...
I really wish I doodled more as a kid :P

Wow. WOW. I just saw a television advertisement... for television advertisement as a general concept.
Has anyone checked on traditional media?
Are they okay?

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This is consistent with most fair dice patterns (there are some exceptions for particularly esoteric numbering schemes)
The two opposing sides should add up to N+1

Irick thought: "I should record my D&D sessions so I can take better notes after running..."
Result: Evaluating multi-track field recorders.

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