Howdy sheriff. I'm here to declare my claim on the data mine behind the Server family's farm.

I'd need to dedicate a wireless bridge to the internet link. I think it's around the same cost.
Ugh, It would not surprise me if that's the case.. I should take a picture of the rat's nest of abandoned coaxial leads back there. It's crazy, I've never seen it before in a residential building like this. I'm pretty sure there are about a dozen leads just sprawled out of a hole drilled directly into the wall of the entertainment alcove where a plate should be.

subtoot (not really though) 

heck <3 cutie nibble are the best.

an adventurous sergal with orange & white fur named monterey jack

β€” :blobgoat:

It would cost about 80$, would protect against this same lightning strike stuff, and it would let me play around with my unused SPF ports. Hmmmm.,.

Considering optically isolating the cable modem from the rest of my network stack.

Well, it looks like the ISP's equipment is going to stay down.

Making a claim on that electronics insurance! Because of course I got insurance on my router :P

Lightning storm killed my router through the cable modem :< reconfigured the AP to act as a router.

Excuse me, the intro music to Buckaroo Banzai just started up.

Considering developing a MUD with some of my roommates.

*Lifts hat in jaunty recognition, but has no hat. It is a strange gesture.*

@Irick "Feeling a bit BASIC today... Can't wait to GOTO HOME."

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