@Irick ... TIL I don't know very much about tea. What's FTGFOP1?

Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe, top grade (1)
AKA, Far Too Good for Ordinary People *giggles*
Orange Pekoe relates to the quality of the tea leaves. Orange does not refer to the colour but to the Dutch word “oranje” meaning “royal”. Pekoe (in Chinese pak-ho) can be translated as “white” – the colour of the fine fluff beneath young shoots. The F (for flowery) before OP indicates that tender and delicate flower buds were picked for this tea.

@Irick *.* I see. I feel like I need to check if there's any quality sign in the tea I drink. One moment....

Nnnnope, no mention of it. It is good tea, though. Best tea I've had. Loose-leaf earl gray.

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