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irick 🐁🐈⚩ @Irick

I love you all, and wish you well without exception. We may disagree, bicker, and even froth in rage, but I will never wish anything but the best for you.
It may be misguided, but it's genuine. The problems we face are hard and heavy, but we will face them. We will face violence. We will face poverty. We will feel the weight of the world on our shoulders.
But I'll be right there to lift your burden best I can. Because you are a sentient being sharing this planet with me, and you deserve love.

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@Irick Even if you tell me to go to hell I will thank you for the travel advice.

You've never done anything to even remotely stoke my ire. You're a cat!

@Irick Was speaking broadly.

And Pixel, my cat, tends to think I'm a rather large and untrainable cat.

You named your cat Pixel. That's adorable. :D

@Irick She has a little white spot on the front of her. It was either that or cursor. :)

@Irick @craigmaloney Well, I find his Decaf designation kind of irritating. ;-)