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It's been a long time since I did an
I'm Irick. I'm a mitten who enjoys and . My primary hobbies are and .
I am a and I probably <3 on you. I'm ridiculously My 'sona is a which is a portmanteau of mouse and kitten. I also love puns :D

My friends.
I share this with you, because I wish you to be safe, and happy:
Operate forklifts responsibly.

Strongly considering joining a LARP in order to make a character that explicitly lampshades the unexamined colonialism of their elven kingdom.

Gender and the complications it gives rise to simply aren't relevant to the lives appliances lead.

why is it called the onboarding modal and not the tootorial

My current status:
A bit miffed I ADHDed so hard that I put off finishing that interesting book on Lacan to instead binge 20 Pathfinder novels.

I am tired.
But I still love everyone.
Sorry I don't shout it to the four corners nearly as often as I used to <3

I basically look like Arthur most of the time, so I'm just going to wear cute ears.

I should probably note this is meant as a tease. I'm not all that broken up about it. <3

My friends have abandoned me.
Yet again I sit here to contemplate the lonesome existance of an empty apartment :P

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So like... we should probably have a conversation about how we're enforcing the gender binary with the whole bowsette thing. Just for like... keeping the tendency to celebrate problematic tropes in mind when we feel like they are organic to our context. :P
I'm not saying the meme is bad, I'm just sort of looking at my own reaction critically and groaning a bit.
I do not apologize for my absolutely on point Gynoss pun though. :3

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You'll never defeat Gynoss!

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