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It's been a long time since I did an
I'm Irick. I'm a mitten who enjoys and . My primary hobbies are and .
I am a and I probably <3 on you. I'm ridiculously My 'sona is a which is a portmanteau of mouse and kitten. I also love puns :D

I think random home IT projects have become my hobby. I really do love messing with this stuff <3 i'm so happy I'm in a position where I can do so again :)

@SuricrasiaOnline It's easy to just say Riven, all you have to do is be absolutely sure you're referring to Gehn's fifth age, the primary setting of Riven - The Sequel To Myst, and not the game.

I am a big tired. :D
I have a mighty need to federate my flops onto the timeline.

*Loudly singing the intro song to the Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon*

... Kos posts make me super happy about running my game :)

Fate update 

This. Is. Necessary.
This. Is. Necessary.
Life feeds on life feeds on life feeds on my random obsessions.

Being a dork, spending all my free time reading Dragon magazine and upgrading the communial gaming PC.

Work Story. 

Boss: "You have a background in DevOps right?"
Me: "Yeah."
Boss: "So you know MS Access right?"
Me: "....? Uh. My intro database course used it I think?"
Boss: "Okay, I'm putting you on maintaining this random collection of Access forms we are going to pretend is an ERP solution."
Me: "... Why? This is literally negitively productive. I have zero of the experience nessisary to impliment this solution properly and what you have handed me is hot garbage that is still far beyond my familiarity with the tool used to make it."
Boss: Something about specialization being bad.
Me: "I guess I'll pretend to be productive and model this hot garbage in UML."

Any time I start running a FATE game I suddenly impliment a lot of wacky ideas about campaign management and team building. FATE just makes me want to be super experimental.

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