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Hey: DId you know? Mittens can be hard to deal with.

But we get it. We will do our best not to take anyone needing to block or silence us personally. You do what you need for you. We will always offer mitten hugs if you decide you can deal with us again.

We can be very intense about the things we believe in, and we are proud of that, but we are also not mind readers and do not expect you to communicate the specifics of your situation to us when you are hurting or intimidated.

But we will always listen, and we will always love you.

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John Conway has passed due to Covid-19.
I am changing my avatar to mark his passing and celibrate his contributions.

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Hi! I'm Irick.
I'm a genderqueer mitten (any pronoun), born in 1991. I grew up in the online sphere fluidly within the fandom hacker subcultures. I majored in and really enjoy . I am a , relationship anarchist, and . I love , , , the , good stories and probably you.

@ira is my headmate :)

I have decided to learn Godot.
I have also decided that means learning Godot 4.
Godot 4's in documentation tutorials have not been updated for Godot 4. Let's fucking go.

One of those things that is utterly baffling to me about Windows, having spent the majority of my life on *nix, is the way the system is organized almost just to spite any real attempts to preserve the user data and configuration details.

Like, my /home directory is always on a separate partition. I have had the same /home for a decade and a half, across multiple computers, multiple linux distros, hell multiple /operating systems/.

*nix just sort of has that built in, and it seems the obvious thing. Getting the same level of portability is basically impossible in Windows. I am genuinely confused as to how it is imagined for a windows home user to migrate their system. Is it just accepted that you loose all of your configuration details? How has it been this dominate for this long without this being resolved?

I love the storms here. There are many problems with my home, but the storms are lovely.

Listening to this retrospective on 'the rise and fall of geek culture' A lot of their historical analysis comes down to the 'centralization' of fandom through aggregation sites like reddit, tumbler and the cheeseburger network. Which is an interesting point but it goes just hammer home to me how little I was actually engaged with that side of things XD

Not to say I didn't browse ThinkGeek or slashdot, but for the most part I was still very primary IRC and various phpBB based trainwrecks. It is fascinating to listen to the history of these other sites. It's like a mirror universe of my experience at the time.

For the curious:

*wiggle wiggles on the TL*
I like old games.
They are not commercially relevant and that helps sidestep a whole case of bullshit.

You know, if you told me I'd see a Firefox version 100 in my lifetime when I was a kid, I would have assumed that meant we were going to crack immortality.

β€œThere was an intake of breath in the audience. The man’s appearance was grotesque. His face was covered by a rubber Richard Nixon mask, and he was wearing a garish, oversized tuxedo and a curly fright wig. But the outlandishness of his outfit diminished in importance once he began to speak.

β€˜I am a homosexual,’ he began. β€˜I am a psychiatrist.’


The 10-minute speech, delivered 50 years ago Monday, was a tipping point in the history of gay rights.”

Chromebooks are such a mixed bag. I really like the one I have, it's got an upgradable m.2 slot, which makes it a totally viable stand alone laptop with up to date coreboot. It's also enterprise focused so it's easy to pick up replacement parts and it's got some good choices for easy to replace high wear components.

But I hate that they are just sort of 'buy all the computer you'll need up front' situations wrt RAM and CPU/GPU. Like, the unit I got is still more than serviceable here 6 years later, but the ram is starting to feel a bit cramped. If I had stuck with the base model with it's 4gb that would not be the case.

They seem like a good move to long term support cycles with coreboot and 6 years of first party support, but the lack of expandability may work against that. There are better options for a linux laptop these day, but it's hard not to look at the legions of Chromebooks being deployed institutionally and not feel the hacker itch.

These are honestly great options for inexpensive boxen with a robust spare parts ecosystem. Too bad they come with ChromeOS XD.

I also really like the dell chromebook 13 I got in 2016. Enterprise aimed, it's got a little i3-5005U in it. They are both still in frequent use, though at this point they are both running Manjaro rather than the ChromeOS and Ubuntu installs they came with.

I got this system76 desktop replacement laptop in 2014. It's still more than up for just about everything I do.
Get you a rediculusly expandable linux-first laptop with great I/O options. It's a great experience.

#BOFH excuse #305:

IRQ-problems with the Un-Interruptible-Power-Supply

It is really weird to me to find people who view the web as somehow inherently commercial. Non-commercial service has been a cornerstone of innovation for the entire history of high technology. From HAM radio to FidoNet and even on to hypertext. Absent any profit motive, we would have created the web just because it was cool and useful.

Redid my Bio finally. A long time ago Mastodon had a pretty small character limit to bios and I never really updated it since that was removed!

Tabletop RPGs are facinating.
CRPGs can up the complexity of the simulation to rediculus degrees, but TTRPGs need to be able to be entirely compressable into the minds of the human players. Trying to model complex and emergant behavior within these simple to digest frameworks. I love them so much <3

So a little introductary post here.

I am a trained graphic designer who is not currently working in the field and I am also transgender and bisexual.

Thought I would give Mastodon a go as it seems like a pretty cool idea and who knows, maybe migrate here fully from the Tweet box hellsite.

Interested in seeing how my graphic design skills can further the fight for transgender liberation.

I also have some coding skills too.

Was randomly reminded of @SuricrasiaOnline 's Baslisk Collection "alternate reality Wiki page" tonight. I want more beautiful art like this to exist.

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