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It's been a long time since I did an
I'm Irick. I'm a mitten who enjoys and . My primary hobbies are and .
I am a and I probably <3 on you. I'm ridiculously My 'sona is a which is a portmanteau of mouse and kitten. I also love puns :D

I think ultimately small projects like the fediverse and IRC are going to be what I look back to as the historical influences for the early social web. I really never spent much time on the bigger networks. I think even today my largest simi-proprietary social platform is probably telegram.

I love being a dork online.
It's possibly one of the best places to be a dork :D

Hey look, a federated timeline!

replaced my laptop's bulged battery.
I seem to have the worst luck with batteries.

tooting from toot :D
curses based interface, wondering if I can do that geeky do of switching to massive tmux pannels. probably not, but still!

And all I ever want
Is just a little love
I said in purrs under the palms
And all I ever want is breaking me apart
I said to the thing that I once was

Did you know: The fediverse is not a big truck? It's a series of yous!

Furry culture is having a strangely eclectic set of animals you can identify by markings alone.
... Furry culture is also having a strangely eclectic set of reptiles you can identify by markings alone.
... Furry culture is also increasingly becoming having a strangely eclectic set of fish you can identify by markings alone.

What I'm saying is that furies are basically field biology undergrads.

I have discovered a critical flaw in my laptop's design: the clickpad gets its spring action from the battery being held in place. This means that now that I've taken out the bulged battery, I can no longer mouseclick :P

Humor is a good indicator of linguistic group membership.
The optimist in me reminds me sometimes that a linguistic community of one is still a community :D

There are only two genders:
The set of all genders and the set of all genders that do not contain themselves.

Mitten is not dealing with Anxiety well. 

Open Source Software is a pure public good. I think it's amazing we don't see more of a push for government support of it. But I suppose that is consistent with a philosophy that proposes toll roads instead of public transportation investment.

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