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John Conway has passed due to Covid-19.
I am changing my avatar to mark his passing and celibrate his contributions.

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Hi! I'm Irick.
I'm a genderqueer mitten (any pronoun), born in 1991. I grew up in the online sphere fluidly within the fandom hacker subcultures. I majored in and really enjoy . I am a , relationship anarchist, and . I love , , , the , good stories and probably you.

@ira is my headmate :)

today's mood is:
Staring at the sunrise with tear reddened eyes contemplating the spiral of inequity and violence that gives rise to these brief sojourns as the world turns and mankind grapples with its history to find justice among the corpses of its promised futures.

vantablack / HRT / abusive mother / call for help! 

does anyone in so cal/cal have space for @vantablack to escape her abusive mother?

her mother today went through vant's backpack and confiscated her HRT

please help vanta, im in oregon or id try to do more

Myst Online is a thing. It's interesting.
Discord is a dumpster fire and I hate it D:<

H.264 is magic: a technical walkthrough of a remarkable technology

Truth about spoilers 

Spoilers do no exist. The reason you think they do is because of corporate brainwashing designed to promote panic and obligate consumption of media while suppressing critical reflection that might influence your decision to immediately consume.

Hey, you know what I haven't done in a while?
Told @rey @mxsparks and @tastymochafox that they are awesome and that I feel blessed every day for being able to be here in this great community they have spent so much time keeping running.

All of my mutuals are my birthday cuties for the next 13 minutes, consent pending, by birthday law.
Just thought you should all be aware <3

Irick hot takes 

Still super uncomfortable with Korps as a concept :D
Still don't know how to deal with that.

more wine, more cereal, more icecream and more cartoons.
I'm an adult :D

Soon the stars will align with the positions of my birth and the dark ritual shall begin.

Magick, MH, Covid weirdness 

I've been experiencing a weird phenomenon for a few weeks now. Everything has been dejavu. Every interaction seems scripted. I already know what to do and I'm doing it. I've done some kinda intense magic work recently, and covid has been compressing a lot of living into a small amount of time. The days flow strangely..

So I am left looking at this experience, which is not a bad one, just a strange one, and wondering if this is me in a breakthrough and just constantly watching the robot... or tramatic dissociation in slow motion. :X

*flops on the TL*
... i'm too lazy to get up, so your posts are just going to have to stay there.

Vore, Magick, Fae, Irick being a dork 

Me: *Bes utter pushover prey-thing, has literally been overpowered by snails*

Also me: Oh, you're playing a fae lord? Hope you abide by the obscure rules of hospitality and manage to trick me into giving tacit consent to be devoured because I am a GODS DAMNED MAGE AND WILL BE TREATED AS SUCH D:<

This watch is dumb and I love it.
I ordered it forever ago and it just showed up ^^
Its got a reproduction Slava automatic #2427 in it.

Kink adjacent 

Hard to square the circle of relationship anarchy and really wanting a dominant partner >.>

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