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Hey: DId you know? Mittens can be hard to deal with.

But we get it. We will do our best not to take anyone needing to block or silence us personally. You do what you need for you. We will always offer mitten hugs if you decide you can deal with us again.

We can be very intense about the things we believe in, and we are proud of that, but we are also not mind readers and do not expect you to communicate the specifics of your situation to us when you are hurting or intimidated.

But we will always listen, and we will always love you.

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John Conway has passed due to Covid-19.
I am changing my avatar to mark his passing and celibrate his contributions.

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Hi! I'm Irick.
I'm a genderqueer mitten (any pronoun), born in 1991. I grew up in the online sphere fluidly within the fandom hacker subcultures. I majored in and really enjoy . I am a , relationship anarchist, and . I love , , , the , good stories and probably you.

@ira is my headmate :)

So far my experience in modern VR:
Day 1) huh, this is novel. I can see how this could affirm my fluidity and vaugely transhumanist feels. But I don't really know anyone here so...
Day 2) I've gotten a little bit sickness, noticing that I can feel spacey coming out of be until my brain adjusts to real space. I spent most of the time playing with a friend by going to various worlds in VRChat.
Day 3) Did an escape room and a platforming game. Vr sickness hit a pinicle because of the glitchy collision dynamics of the escape room.

I have discovered a fun pastime: exclusively non-verbal communication in VRChat.

The process of normalizing what is and isn't expected to be in a social media profile is an expression of bio-power.
:3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3

girls shoveling spaghetti-o's into their faces like goblins are beautiful and i should clarify that i use linux

I understand you are all upset, and with good reason. But behold, I come bearing solutions:

Hey. You. Fediverse.
I love you still <3 I hope you are having wonderful fuzzy feelings and I just want to try to keep them going as long as we can.
You. Are. Awesome.

I ran out of champaign. I am now drinking beer out of a flute like the class act I am.

relationship meta in the most abstract sense 

@Irick ok i didnt read this but i want you to know youre a wonderful friend and i appreciate you

relationship meta in the most abstract sense 

So i wonder how much the normalization of online relationships has increased the sort of weird compartmentalization of social circles whereas previously informal gosip rings would have broken down the public-private barrier in such a way as to allow for the social functions of commuinity vs the way I feel these days were I have something like 6 pretty much entirely disparate social circles and have to manage my emotional state in a way that like... kinda makes sense given the information available in each relationship ecosystem. Like.

"I'm so sorry I snapped, I'm just emotionaly threadbare because of Dave and it's not really Dave per-se, it's more the situation that Dave is cluelessly stumbling into that in and of itself requires two concurrent soap operas worth of context and plot twists that you have no conceivable way to internalize with the limited energy reserves I have at my disposal because of FUCKING DAVE... 's situation.... which is as opaque to you as the hubble bubble... le tired."

When people say "I have an encyclopedic knowlege of <subject>" I know that's supposed to be "I have a commanding breadth of knowledge of <subject>" but really encyclopedias seem like a low bar of subject matter familiarity.

"I have a Wikipedic knowledge of submarines." <- See? See how weird that feels?

Anyway, thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

Retrospectives on Family, etc. Mixed mood 

I really love my niblings.
I'm also apparently really good with them, being able to keep the kids occupied for hours and that lowers stress across the board. That's pretty validating.

But gods it is hard to deal with my parents homophobia. It's like, childish homophobia too. 'ew'ing at even just mildly queer relationship stuff in just the stupidest passive agressive ways and ugh.

I don't really want to deal with it, but like, i can already see a bit of non-conformity in interest developing in some of the niblings and managing my relationship there I think is going to be important for them.

I don't know. Family is hard, especially like... this clusterfuck XD

Overall I had a great time though. It's hard to really convey how nice it is to slip back into family traditions in the middle of uncertainty, even if they come with the predictable stressors.

Watching my parents struggle to come to terms that all of their friends do not share their views anymore is interesting. Radical drift in perspective. I'm curious as to how that will end up shaking out.

Well the world still exists out here huh?
Well, back to losing track of time playing a video game!
I haven't done this in ages and I love it <3
I'm feeling devious
You're looking glamorous
Let's get mischievous
And polyamorous
Wine and women and wonderful vices
Welcome to the cult of Dionysus

I am probably not a Pokemon, irrespective of how many people insist I look like a Luxray knock off.

*very public broadcasting soothing announcer voice*
"We now return to Toebean Theater. Produced and Directed by Quentin Tarantino."

@alexpenclaw is a dork and I love her.
That is all, please return to your scheduled thingies which'nt scheduled.

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