Floating around some ideas for membership card designs. I am not a professional. D:

In france they use baguettes as anal dildos.

Its a pain in the arse.

Proper introduction time!

Hello vulpine.club! I’m Trev. I’m a beginning 3D artist and I’m excited to start posting stuff on an emerging decentralized social platform.

Why are there no results on #e621 for β€œpenguin + gnu”?

#penguin #gnu

There are so many new people!
Love to the new people :D

oh hey it's me Mazz and I like to draw stuff sometimes ??
and here's my sona! :trans_heart:​

okay, got the profile set up! i'm quinn/lucille, i really like podcasts and tetris. i'm here to make all-new friends, so please say hi! <3

I'm not openly weeping at beautiful blackness and classical music. I'm not. There is just a starbaby in my eye.

Watching 2001: a Space Odyssey.
I love it, so much. It is humanity in it's ultimate expression. With all the potential and faults exposed. It is beautiful in the same way life is.
Where we are, where we have been, and where we may go.
And in this moment we share those common places. Here we are. In this vast universe. And this is all we have.
You are beautiful.
You are worthy of love.
This vast ocean of starlight shines only for you.
Reach out and embrace it.

Hey there! I'm SpaceMouse! I'm an environmental scientist, artist, and programmer. You might know me from my MUGEN characters on SaltyBet / SpriteClub!

My webcomic (updates thursdays and sundays!): alastere.com/
My FA art page: furaffinity.net/user/spacemous
My MUGEN page: spacey.lv/mugen/

Mars is like a burning laser point in the sky tonight. Seriously, it's lovely.

Clickbait article: "Stop calling teenagers Millennials"
Me: "You're not my mom, clickbait article."

hi! i'm maria. i'm a scientist! and a new mom! and live in NE MPLS. also supes awkward. #introductions

Hi, you can call me rachel. I am a Berlin based #frontend developer, and a #lesbian & #pansexual mess.

I love #books, #feminism, #anarchism, #rust, #python, #archlinux, #roleplayinggames (tabletop and digital ones), #linguistics and #kink (I'm a switch!).

I'm #polyamorous and a #writer as well.

I organize #barcamps, love #poppunk, #activism and #infosec.

Other tags describing me: #nonbinary, #enby, #trans, #cuddly, #geeky, #fandoms, #neurodivergent, #hatingjavascriptasafrontenddev.

Feel free to DM me!

Alright :)
See you all in a bit. I've got to do that thing where I drive for a long period of time and listen to lectures.

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