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It's been a long time since I did an
I'm Irick. I'm a mitten who enjoys and . My primary hobbies are and .
I am a and I probably <3 on you. I'm ridiculously My 'sona is a which is a portmanteau of mouse and kitten. I also love puns :D

In the land of the dead, do they use cryptacurrency?

Incidently, today was my first day at work at the new place. :D their training is a bit off the wall.

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Did you need white box d&d stats for dumb WWII weaponry? Yes. Absolutely.

I get angry at modules when they just give me a bunch of combat encounters, so I made very sure that someone in the party spoke gnoll so we can thoughly derail this dungeon in interesting ways. :P

Oh no D: tusky's been crashing on my pixel with the Q beta installed. I'm back to web clients for now :< hope it gets fixed soon!

Love shook my heart
Like the wind on the mountain
rushing over the oak trees.

<3 Sappho.

Today I am at Sebring.
It's a pretty far drive. Turns my usual 100 miles a day into 200 miles :P Last time I'll ever have to do this.

Hello. We are watching Leprechaun 2 and 4. Please enjoy your lives.

No Man’s Sky continues to impress me with the number and depth of updates released for it

I've had a chromebook 13 from dell for about three years. I've used the stock OS for all that time in a bit of an experiment in how easy it is to exist in that sort of hacky space. Last night I finally broke down and flashed a custom coreboot firmware and full linux OS on the thing because it was frustrating to be stuck on the kernel version right before native linux application support :P It went from the most locked down computing technology in my daily routine to the most open in one night.

Today I learned: There is a gender-neutral equivalent to niece and nephew. "Nibling." And it dates back to well before I was born, too! Bonus!

Tell all your enbuddies. I'm sure they'll get a kick out of it. I know I did.

The Queer Art of Failure by J. Halberstam hit audible today. If you've never had the chance to read it, I highly recommend it as a rather fun little tromp through popular culture with a queer lens.

If your gender isn’t described by the M/F binary, please come and take part in this survey.

PLEASE NOTE that it asks questions about intimate topics like the gender you were assigned at birth, your hormones, surgeries you’ve had, etc.

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