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Hey: DId you know? Mittens can be hard to deal with.

But we get it. We will do our best not to take anyone needing to block or silence us personally. You do what you need for you. We will always offer mitten hugs if you decide you can deal with us again.

We can be very intense about the things we believe in, and we are proud of that, but we are also not mind readers and do not expect you to communicate the specifics of your situation to us when you are hurting or intimidated.

But we will always listen, and we will always love you.

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John Conway has passed due to Covid-19.
I am changing my avatar to mark his passing and celibrate his contributions.

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Hi! I'm Irick.
I'm a genderqueer mitten (any pronoun), born in 1991. I grew up in the online sphere fluidly within the fandom hacker subcultures. I majored in and really enjoy . I am a , relationship anarchist, and . I love , , , the , good stories and probably you.

@ira is my headmate :)

Hey Fediverse, It's been while!
In case anyone is curious as to why I've been so silent recently, it's because I joined and pretty much all of my free time has been consumed in the best way possible :)

Me: *angrily ordering more <branded beverage of preference> after being forced to drink the over-priced glass bottled ones I keep as an emergency stash*
Past me, having known that my anger at doing this would short circuit my depression enough to make me buy groceries: "Good. Good! Now release your anger."

So. I can't really express the amazing joy of just being able to straight up import whatever the hell i want into NeosVR and just start playing with it immediately. I'm starting to amass a small collection of 3D props and arranging a home world. The platform has it's flaws but it's so close to just nailing the VR swiss army knife in a networked environment. Like, a collaborative environment is inherent in it's design. I really hope either another project steals it's design or it actually goes open source once they finish extricating the remnants of Unity.

The most annoying thing about Vrchat so far is that pretty much everyone memes me with either "Oh shit a rat" or asks if I'm Reggie.

For the longest time I thought it was some obscure nintendo trivia about Reggie Fils-AimΓ©. I live in text mode, miss me with this tik-tok/youtube memescape.

Anarcho-Syndicalist cat-girl maid cafe: No gods, no meow-sters.

Meditating on the softly flickering light of my stack of networking equipment.

Relationship meta, social anxiety, mitten indulges a little in self-pity 

I have a hard time, a lot of the time, communicating what it means to be a relationship anarchist to people who want to deepen our relationship. I tend to explain that I don't really 'date' in the traditional sense, that I resist putting people into hierarchies based on sex or romance, that I try to strongly normalize queer relationships and large community oriented support systems, etc.

And then they almost always ask if they can call me their boyfiend/girlfriend or list me in their bio or something and I feel like I explain things poorly. I always say I don't have a problem since that's important to how they wish to express the relationship but a lot of the time I get nervous that they won't understand why I don't.

I feel really shitty that like... i don't know. It just sometimes feels like getting to know really basic things about me and my motivations requires multiple reading assignments and like, fuck. I hate that? I don't know how to fix it, but it makes me feel elitist and just disconnected from the people I most care about <.<

I've been using this account for 4 years. :D neat!

A local friend passed tonight. I will raise a glass to him and wish him on his way. Please join me in renewing our commitment to be good to all those we meet so that we might collectively make something beautiful out of the time we have.

And please remember that you are loved.

To whom do you go to find emotional support when it's most needed? For science.

so, here it is. a refsheet for @flussence (they/it)! soft slightly-variable-shaped tyranitar friend πŸ’š πŸ’š

To whom do you go to find emotional support when it's most needed? For science.

One of the important things about being queer is remembering that there is no right way to be queer. This is something I struggle with a lot, especially because of the limited scope of people around me who I consider touchstones. Disagreements abound, values shift, but like...

I am me. The intersection of facets that can not be understood but through the relations of the whole. But my opinions are always informed by my queerness as well as the intersection of my experiences both personal and institutional.

There is an overwhelming push for totalizing worldviews, and sometimes that gets tangled up in the idea of performing group inclusion. I need to remember to resist that, and that it's okay to resist that. My experiences and voice are not only valid but desirable for the community I love.

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