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Hi! I'm Irick.
I'm a genderqueer mitten (any pronoun), born in 1991. I grew up in the online sphere fluidly within the fandom hacker subcultures. I majored in and really enjoy . I am a , relationship anarchist, and . I love , , , the , good stories and probably you.

@ira is my headmate :)

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I'm starting an esoteric teaching/discussion group. It'll be based on a semiotic theory of magick naturalized via process philosophy and endeavor at deconstructing the western tradition with high quality sources, situating it within the wider spiritual dialog, and finally exploring queer theologies.

If you'd be interested in this project or just sitting down to discuss the esoteric and hang out, let me know and I'll dm you an invite link to the discord server.

Oops, completely derailed a conversation on video games into a discussion of how undeniably queer the cyberpunk genre is.

absolutely nobody: HEY BABY WHAT'RE YOU DOIN'

me: sitting around in my underwear, reading a postage stamp catalog

Hello fediverse.
I'm here to flirt at whoever responds to this toot and chew bubble gum, and I'm all out of gum.

LA: Join EFF’s @doctorow at @crashspaceLA this Saturday to learn more about why we must stop the sale of the .ORG registry to private equity

I find it infinitely amusing that legitimately we just decide these things. No one asked us to. We just act as the arbiters of this forbidden knowledge.

The furry fandom:
Working around the clock to give you consensus on if lucario has a knot and other hard hitting questions.

A reminder that today is a great day to lift queer people up as we collectively deal with the boot heel on our chest.

I can not adequately express my disappointment in this trend in online dynamics. For all the education in the world is available at our fingertips and we still choose to lash out at our own out of ignorance.

hot take

good stories can and should be challenging to read, and showing you where certain ideas we hold could be made to go.

it's a feature, dammit!

no, you fuckers, i am not downloading your app just because i am looking on my phone. i have a whole-ass web browser

Very angry with the general illiteracy of online 'activists'.

“I Sexually Identify As An Attack Helicopter” by Isabel Fall was a wonderfully queer subversion of a transphobic meme. She was culture jamming with the best of them.

I have no faith in left twitter anymore. It is illiterate and uniquely incapable of tackling subjects of substance.

venting about the whole Isabel Fall debacle 

What does it really mean these days to be educated?
Things more too quickly not to be a lifetime learner. We should be focusing more and more on learning strategies, incorporating methods of updating what we know.

It should be easy, if nor effortless to coast the wave of of a field as it progresses. We need a recipe for universal education, one that incorporates networks of knowledge...

It's funny how, despite how easy it is to get access to commentaries and even entire lessons on Nietzsche, how few people who 'like Nietzsche' understand Nietzsche.

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