Thinking about software licenses 

There's the Hippocratic License, but that seems to be more focused on being very specific in how it defines allowed vs not allowed, and is very legally and feels written to be argued in a courtroom.

I think I personally like the idea of a vague license that basically just says "follow your heart", in clear terms and free of legalese.

If one day I wake up and find my code has been repurposed to be Evil, hopefully I'll have better arguments against it than "but you violated the EULA!"

Gonna holler this one since I'm thinking about it:

Wash eyes with water or saline/eyewash.

Not antacid.

Not soap.

Not any kind of weird mixture.

Definitely not milk.

Thinking about software licenses 

I've been leaning toward wanting to use the JSON license on all my future projects.

One article I've read describes the JSON license as "problematic", due to it not counting as open source, lacking a clear definition of Good and Evil, limiting adoption, and generally lawyers may be keen to avoid it.

Except all that sounds like benefits to me. Good and Evil not being defined unambiguously isn't a problem with a license, it's a philosophical problem in its own right. Limiting adoption is also the point, with people who don't feel their software meets the vague threshold of not Evil being specifically who the license is intended to prohibit in the first place.

Also, if it's the kind of license that makes lawyers nervous and keen to avoid, having any company large enough to have lawyers on payroll avoid your software would probably cut off the biggest source of Evil usage software in the first place.

In the spirit of frustrating lawyers further, I'd probably want to make my own license for personal use that makes the "for good, not evil" rule more explicitly intentional and not to be considered a joke. And maybe even go as far as to encourage people to not copy the license, but use it as a template for theirs?

First twe.. toot? I have no idea what I'm doing.

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