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anyways hi im seb/marty, im a trans guy (he/him only) and i love music and pokemon. my main sona is a deer/bug hybrid, and i also have a monstersona and a secondary fursona that's a gummy shark!

saw a post askin for ppl in the mtg fandom and for a minute was like metal tear golid?

crying in the club over this art of my monstersona (art by calbee over @ artfight)

slept well... today i turned on sir galahad to play w him and my cat came over and started rubbing her face on him

earlier today for artfight i drew a white cat-like demon with no eyes named aja and it felt really weird because i used to have a white cat who only had one eye who was also named aja

*says this and then proceeds to make 50 worgen and draenei alts*

i made a pandaren recently and went alliance but only because i was on moon guard and wanted to play w a friend who plays alliance on that server and im still mad about it. nothing about the alliance side in the pandaren starting area appeals to me. @ jack im doing this for YOU.

did i just infodump to dani about WoW classes under the guise of an joke? Maybe So.

its weird how one of my recurring hyperfixations is easter eggs and glitches in games but glitch noises make me anxious. and also why do they do that

me: tummy hurts!
me: *proceeds to keep drumming on and patting my stomach*

keep loggin on and notifs are like You have 10 notifs! and its just the same ones i had whe ni logged off that i already looked at. thank you masto

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