@katja *various jackal noises*

I've been personally steady, but there's been quite a bit happening to a number of my friends outside here, to say the least, so that's a thing.


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@FormulaAzureJackal Things happening in... what way? Good? Bad? A mix?

And I'm glad to hear you've been holding up OK, at least!

I've been doing decent - haven't been as productive with school as I'd like, but things haven't been *bad* at all. xwx

@katja honestly, very badly in two cases since the year started.

Honestly for me I'm just a story of much the same as before, and I kinda don't like it but yeah. Okay is probably apt here.

@FormulaAzureJackal Ugh, I hope things start improving for those friends, then. I'm sorry to hear that. x_x

And I'm glad to hear you're no worse than "OK"!

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