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Okay, lets get the proper intro post done.

First of all, the name's Chris. Other names to address me as are Chrisso and Formula. Pronouns generally he/him, gender i kinda wanna stop thinking about and just do my thing.

I'm black and 23 (if I time this properly), my birthday being May 13.

Speaking of my thing, the things I do include furry art (usually with some degree of h, that'll probably go on the blimps profile), doodling musically (which I might shift to posting here), playing driving games, going off about motorsports, automobiles, and trains. I'm also currently (still) pursuing a a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.

I tend to be pretty quiet with how I interact with the larger community until I'm not.

Anyhow, im'ma try to get know of y'all that I already didn't know before some more.

Oh, and I have an alt on blimps ( @/ ) whose relationship to this account I haven't fully figured out yet. Probably just going to be more the same, really. 👁️

didn't care about mixing at all in the slightest I just wanted to put all of my angry energy into something before I could probably sleep.

Anyhow, i'm on edge

i wanna refresh some of the hairstyles some of my characters have to be more interesting.

I also want to work on that Budd R32-based. subway car idea i had

twitter and current event adacent 

it's safe to say twithouse has me spicy at the moment. y'all know why.

furries outside of here. fucking exhausting

goes from lewd to existential in four lines, also, technically a twitter crosspost 

you ever just cum

and then shower
and then dry
and then as you dry you begin to feel nothing but void as you wonder what is life, what is you, what you are, how you got to this very exact moment that has you contemplating the very fundamentals of your existence as a being

This of course cannot be blamed on either the IRT, who was there first, or the IND, who probably should've at least made their end a three-track express stop, though it would've been a touch redundant with 145th St, but on the Yankees themselves.

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Regardless on your opininon of the NYC Subway, lets all agree that 161-Yankee Stadium is retroactively the least-sensible stop.

It's a local-only stop for both lines that use it.

Are you the Second Avenue Subway? Because despite all of the delays you're shaping up to be quite the QT in the future.

Imagine if the 7 was actually connected to the rest of the system instead of having to do some longass relay through the Steinway tunnel and some train yard in the Bronx just to transfer trains to literally any other line.

A bot that does nothing but generate NYCTA NTT announcements.

Can't wait for day 2 when it says a BMT line is Queens-bound with the next stop being a Bronx IRT station, something that literally cannot happen.


fuck i want a waffle iron

belgian waffles yum

Looking at high school art stuff and some things definitely agreed better than others.

This was unfortunately one of the worse-aging ones. Sorry vulpines :(.

my brain is a spontaneous hellthread generator and for some reason it ended at Scene Tien

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