parent complaining. 

No mother, "I don't know, we'll have to see" is a perfectly valid response to whether or not I can do a task, especially when it's one that involves carrying an object that might not be feasible to lift single-handedly, and when my physical limits are still unknown right now. It's not just a "yes or no" thing. Stop trying to force everything into being a boolean.

There's a reason why I think you try and simplify things far too much and that the concept of uncertainty just seems completely foreign to you.

Also a reason why I find interacting with you to just be completely exhausting.


this is the third distinct time a Nemechek has been involved with Kyle Busch what the hell.

social, awkward brain things 

weird how my brain often ends up in single track mode when I'm working on stuff, which sucks because i usually want to talk to people, but once they share stuff, I just have absolutely zero reaction to it.

Social rambling 

Thinking about certain former social circles was adjacent (only adjacent to because of course I always felt somewhat alienated from them) to and the utterly-confusing standards of them and now I want to punch drywall because they're just that frustrating.

Darkstep is the "haha bass goes 'brrrrrrrrrrr'" subgenre

I have been exposed to far too much caucasity in a single hour so guess I'm here now.

I'mma design them vaguely like an actual engineer which means when I get home I should look at patent drawings

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Negative mental health, social, uni, covid, physical health 

Honestly, between *waves hands at the world* completely disrupting the physical satisfaction that ended up being more critical to keeping me going in my FSAE projects and university as a whole than I thought, the constant social unease I distinctly feel on this platform specifically, and a dissolving of a number of relationships that clearly were less stable than I thought they were, this year really hasn't been great for the brain.
Oh and of course the usual betrayal of my own body, right shoulder specifically.
That and a health concern that has been going on since mid-October for me that I'm struggling to follow up on.

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Negative mental health, social 

Real moment ™️ hours whee..

Usual shit really though it's hard to ignore just how different I feel from basically the fedi that's immediately visible to me and my tendency to either fuck off or be fucked off my those with similar interests to me so it feels.

She's not even that hotheaded or rash outside the cockpit anymore, which I'd hope not given that she's in her midlate-20s now.

Then again Max Verstappen exists so...

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I miss having a good use for my hotheaded "loose is fast" shibe racer

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Wow the Labre vettes were less aggressively french than I remember

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