If I were to do mixtape art comissions, would anyone be interested? It would be traditional art on a single panel J card, customer supplied theme, shipped in a black backed norelco style cassette case with a random colour blank 90 minute cassette in it. About 25 USD per unit price, it would be similar to the pic shown here. Again, is this something people would want?

Everyone seems to be liking and boosting but nobody has answered my question yet.

@Erin honestly i'm not sure i have a cassette tape deck i'd trust with a real tape at this point :x

your chromium dioxide soulmate is out there somewhere, and i hope they see this

@rey also you only get chrome tapes on special request.

@Erin this is an awesome idea - I should buy a working cassette deck so I can avail myself of this offer

@djsundog dm me or find me on entropynet Irc and I can give you some pointers.

@djsundog you dont need a tape player to get a custom tape thing yaknow. ;)

@Erin this is a good point, but I'd feel dirty having a cool mixtape cover with a blank mixtape inside ;)

@djsundog I can not put the tape in it and you can say you lost it :3

@djsundog I can send the case and art and no tape, just say you lost it ;)

@Erin side not to erin's point here, you could also just get the case art, you don't need to use it for cassettes here to get one!

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