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Math courses:
- Shapes I
- Shapes II
- Intro to Imaginary Shapes
- Calculating I
- Calculating II
- Letters
- Advanced Letters
- Actual Letters (the others were fake sorry)
- Theoretical Circles & Arrows

It seems both my mac floppy drives abrade the magnetic material off the disks... I don't know if it's because the disks are bad or they're fucked by me cleaning them. Either way I'm not pleased

Mac SE, 4 megs of ram, running system 6 off of a Syquest EZ135 removable hard disk drive, serial connection to my pc running a getty. Finally fucking got this beast to talk to the outside world.

Guess it needs system 7 and proper ppp and tcp next.

hey so i have been told that ~the fediverse~ is a much better place to engage with people about this stuff than twitter and,

i draw! If anyone sees the attached images and likes what they're looking at, know that you can commission me to do work for you and I will have a great time. I specialize in character art sans backgrounds, but simple ones are more than doable.

I'm mainly trying to gauge interest before i go too far into the numbers of the thing.

I had a dream I got to meet and hang out with Les Claypool. It was during an evacuation alarm but still cool either way.

In all seriousness though, he had just recently been to a trade show and our office is on the way to the post office. We called him here for advice on buisness issues so I'm sure he just saw an opportunity to unload junk on us. Decent connector company, easy to work with and they make a lot of their stuff in the USA for our markets.

The local Samtec company rep visited yesterday and gave us some information and swag. This little cutie was some of that swag. I dunno if I should be happy, excited or livid. He only gave one to me and our Mech end, both of us are women. Does he think he can win our buisness with fluffy plush toys!? I mean the answer is probably yes but I sure as heck won't admit it.

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I call this one "New pens aren't a substitute for practicing your art skills."

So, having a 3d printer changes how I approach tinkering and fixing things. It's no longer an issue if I don't have like, one plate or bracket or something, I can just sketch it up or find something on line, print it, and move along. I'm currently printing a bunch of blank covers for pc expansion slots because those things always go missing. Before this I'd be weighing the benefits of taping over the slots, buying new ones, or just leaving them as is and letting dust get all in the thing.

... I just favorited a status from my alt acct and got excited when a popup came up that someone favorited one of my statuses. Way to go me. Y.Y

20 dollars has been spent on integrated circuits. Perhaps I won't say which until they arrive? ;)

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I've done a horrible thing. I have a foam skull on my desk at work. I have named it Dana.

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