Sketch of my char, a gunslinger named Sitch. She’s cute and and loves to talk to people but doesn’t quite have the charisma to not be annoying!

If anyone is upset about someone closing their instance on the fediverse then you need to shut up and remember that not everyone is privileged enough to be able to always afford the time, money, and mental effort.

If you’re upset then perhaps offer to take ownership and do the work yourself.

I find that I’m quite fond of Destiny 2 lately.

Bleh... haven’t done art in two weeks now. Feel bad about that..

I wonder if it’s worth me even posting here anymore

mh - 

I’m tired of feeling utterly miserable and incompetent, tired of lacking motivation to do anything. I’m tired of this broken fucking brain.

Why do I keep forgetting to sign time cards? Why can’t I do the simplest shit without fucking up?

I got a new art program and so I decided it was a good time to go back and try to redraw some stuff from when I was getting back into art. I've come a long ways.

Question: how long do y’all find it takes to learn a new tool and incorporate it into your workflow?

So my doctor prescribed me thyroid hormone last Friday cause my thyroid levels were marginal, and now I get a call this morning saying the levels from my latest blood test are low but still acceptable so stop the medicine. I’m kinda pissed, when I was in the office and describing stuff he seemed to think I did have a thyroid issue, now a thing comes back still saying low but normal? What the heck. I don’t like being jerked about like this.

Oh and my next follow up is in a year. WTH.

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