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Not worth effort

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Holy shit @Oneironott you are givin' me the big hecking feels T.T

Made snark comment to a political noting on birdsite about 7 hours ago... which got discovered by random.white.intellectual from a keyword search (I'm guessing), and now I'm suddenly in a 3am impromptu argument because I assume he needed to jerk off to something, 'cause I can't really think of any other reason in a non-sketch-comedy setting where you'd just impromptively seek out a snark comment to insert yourself into a PatrickStar-circle-logic argument over...

... but I gave two attempts at an informed reply (which naturally led back around to nowheresville, man), and that's all I have the patience for.

Maybe lets not memeify caution and warning symbols so that their meanings don't get diluted and cause confusion? Thanks.

The collective hate and killing of flash by the tech community was a terrible thing and has made the internet so much less fun.

5 years ago, everyone was arguing about how flash was the most insecure piece of garbage and caused all the security problems

fastforward to today and the same problems pretty much exist, but flash is fairly rare.

to this we put forth, maybe it WASN'T flash at fault here.

we're not saying that the security vulnerabilities didn't exist, they did, they were bad, but it was never the only factor.

The only thing that we've seen the gradual loss of flash is, also, the gradual loss of fan animation, furry animation, ete, open as an option for so many young people to have as their outlet.

Trying to do the same thing today is so much harder than it was then, and it's only been getting worse.

lets stop pretending that Javascript is somehow not equally as dangerous as flash, because it is.

we've seen that over and over again to the point that those of us that are more security conscious literally use tools that prevent Javascript running on our systems without our permission.

Flash was so many people's first foray into animation, or games.

including ours.

we are incredibly sad that so many people won't have the same chances we did back in the day, and people don't value it the same way they used to either.

@Erin hugs more,

adding to this PSA what we told Erin when she came home.

Just understanding this and how the social engineering and phishing works isn't enough to not be scared shitless by this.

That's why it works so effectively. You should try to make them reveal what they know [usually nothing] and, as much as it sucks, if its safe for you to do so, you should contact the police if you're at ALL worried its a credible threat.

Stay safe out there.

PSA: There's a phone scam going around that tries to convince you that someone has a family member of yours held hostage and want money from you. I got hit with this today and I let a bit of info slip and they ran with it. It was emotionally manipulative and scary. Please be on the alert and do not give out any information, no matter how minuscule you think it is over the phone until you know who's calling.

opportunity: two of your housemates take a trip

battle plan: rest of house bands together to convert their bedroom into an error-filled anthropological exhibit from the future

Need to drill some speed holes my Raspberry Pi's new case. It froze up after playing Metroid for about 30 minutes and when I put my hand on the case it was noticably warm. It didn't have any problems with heat in the cassette case, but that obviously had enormous holes. I guess this is why the "starter kit" shipped with a heat sink.

I am listening to Metallica's Ride the Lightning on vinyl with the tv tuned to the UK version of Antiques Roadshow. What aesthetic is this?

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I bought a joystick today just to play Elite Dangerous. I'm not as impressed with the gameplay with the joystick as I thought I'd be, but it's still heckin fun and a good experience!