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Erin The Red/Fennec

I found my cassette copy of Smashmouth's Astro Lounge, one of the first albums I ever owned. I wore out sections of this tape listening to it. Suprisingly, it mostly sounds ok still in a decent player. I'm so happy I found this!

Why no belt kit for Harmon/Kardon DC520?! ๐Ÿ˜ฟ

I bought another tape deck. This one's a Harmon/Kardon DC520. The transports are only single motor, but there' not a lot of plastic in them and all the bushings are brass inserts on metal plates so it's pretty robust. They need some lubrication and possibly new secondary belts, but otherwise it sounds lovely and I'm pleased with this purchase. I need to stop buying tape decks :p

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It's 2018 and I can't beleive I just bought a used cassette walkman...

Gzdoom installed, Slade 3 installed, and gzdoom builder. Let's see what happens now.

before i go to bed, important - tapas, a popular comic strip site, is trying to get ppl to sign up to do 6 - 9 month 600+ panel full color comics with no benefits, unknown pay and "joint ownership", i.e. they own your comic and you can't do anything with it

not the first time tapas has done shady things if you remember the "right to first refusal" thing they tried to add to their t&s

artists, know you're worth better than this

Fuck I forgot VCF East was happening this weekend...

This is the beginning of a silly silly idea. How much data can I pack on a type 1 cassette? We will soon find out. Maybe.

tired: "if it doesn't have improvisation it's not jazz"

wired: "if it doesn't have power tools it's not industrial"

inspired: "jazz should have power tools too"

God dammit, I think i strained my back again x.x Let's hope not...

Caption this, I dare you. Let's see who' got the most interesting interpretation of this random scene I drew for no particular reason.

I had an idea in the shower this morning, what if I were to draw a random comic frame every day or so, and post it without dialog or context? There'd be no rhyme or reason, just whatever I felt like drawing at the time. Would people think it's interesting?

I should do art today.. Didn't sleep well though so I also just want to stare at a wall and sob quietly.