Wait, plastic isn't supposed to come out of that hole...

Finally got the new tensioning mechanism printed and installed. It came out kinda skewed in places because I kept losing tension. Go figure. Two more to go now.

3d printer is working again, next step is to print a bunch of parts to upgrade my 3d printer.

Periodic reminder that there is $200+ available for @Gargron to implement long-post collapsing, as well as a patch which already does this.

I worked out the math, at 5 minutes to merge the pre-existing patch, that works out to an effective wage of $2400/hour.

$2400/hour! Just to merge a damn patch!

today in "computers that are too aesthetic to exist but they do anyway": the Compucorp 675

My 3d printer is still broken, so I can't distract myself from sadness with automated fabrication...

All I got from years of speculative futurism was a weird homebrew multiverse machine-god religion, an immense loathing for bitcoin and Friendly AI, and an incredible fury at the fact that I can’t transform into a rubberized fox-dragon until the distant future

Came to my in-laws for the weekend and found their ISP provided modem router had unpnp, ssh, and webadmin exposed to the internet (enabled by default as I've never logged into it). CPU was running at 100% and was trying to MiTM anything not https with #coinhive. Wifi dropping every 5 min was the original symptom. That was fun to fix and play with.

#malware #infosec

fun fact: adobe has published license keys to macromedia applications that they don't want to host the key server for anymore


get em while they're hot

3d printering has a bit of a learning curve to it huh...

"Can you make me a potion to change who I am?"
"No," said the witch. "There are no such potions."
"Oh. I hoped-"
"But I can make a potion to change your body to who you are."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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I wish I had a HOTAS setup for my computer to play Elite:Dangerous

I was feeling down, so I drew this bunny and her dolly friend having a dream picnic on tortoise back. It's in the middle of a folded up booklet I had laying around, which is slowly becoming a mini zine about a city bun's day.


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