This account is run manually by a real human (@cassolotl) with a lot of copy-pasting! It is not a bot. There may occasionally be mistakes.

There will definitely be delays between polls ending and the next polls starting, and some moves will have longer vote times than others, because sometimes I sleep.

You can find images showing the scoring system and rotations attached.

All polls are unlisted to avoid spamming the local timeline, which means we mostly get more followers by being boosted. 🚀

It would be AWESOME if someone set up an actual bot version of this. It's based on and it's open source: So if you do that, just let me know so I can follow and redirect people. :)

Also, if anyone is awful to you in the comments, please do let me know so I can block them. No name-calling or telling people they're rubbish etc, even in jest.

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