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I just spent ~$300 on the first installment of a $900 emergency treatment for a chipped tooth (root canal). Insurance has paid half. The other half (the $900) is our responsibility.

I put myself in the red to do it. I need about $20 urgently, although more would be helpful to at least get the bank account back to where it was for other bills.

Thank y'all for what you've done so far. 馃挏

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UPDATE: begpost, urgent, medical-related 

$20 got, but barely in the black. Need like $150 to get back to where we were.

UPDATE 2: begpost, urgent, medical-related 

We aren't too far off from where we were before the tooth crap... although realising where we were made us realise we were cutting it really close.

The two people we share finances with:

Violet's internship ended, so hir next check is gonna be small. Sie has interviews, but is still waiting. Alex just got a promotion at her shit retail job, but the pay for that is 3 weeks from now.

We aren't sure how we're gonna pay the other installments or when they're due.

Anything still helps. 馃挏

Neglected to put this in the original post:

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