Is it safe to visit a Florida gulf beach a few days after a hurricane/tropical storm?

@smeg I lived there for four years.

Okay so that is a complicated question. Touristy things like the beach might be closed due to beach erosion. For Elsa, it probably didn't do *much* damage but some will have to be cleared. The storm surge damage may also be an issue.

When TS Fay hit when I lived in Florida, the cleanup took about 5 days.

@smeg If you're talking Disneyworld or Universal Studios or w/e, that's inland. There might be minor damage and some rides or parts of the park might be closed for maintenance that soon after a storm but overall should be ok. It wasn't a real bad one tbh.


@smeg If you are asking about in terms of *safety* it is absolutely safe right now, just, don't expect a lot of fun things to be at 100% yet.

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