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My posts are a mix of serious posts, personal life shit, me gushing about my partners/latest interests, BDSM, medical marijuana use, mental illness, and like... shitposts. Lots of shitposts.

That's what y'all are in for when you follow me GOOD LUCK LOL

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Politics, some of my creed. 

People who support a strong, authoritarian state are not my allies.

People who support indiscriminate murder are not my allies.

People who think we can eradicate ideas through violence alone are not my allies.

People who support punitive justice are not my allies.

People who think deny genocides by "Communist" governments are not my allies.

People who believe the myth of "late-stage Capitalism" is a justification for not doing any activism or spreading Socialism are not my allies.

People who would rather talk about Socialism and not bring it to reality, they're not my enemies but they're also not my allies.

People who are accelerationiats who think the ends justify the means (great suffering) are not my allies.

(I say "allies" and not "comrades" here, because I dislike the word, and frankly I don't wallow around in Socialist symbology because I believe these traditions hold Socialism back and are kinda pompous and almost nationalist)

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Please help me provide image descriptions if you can, for the sake of the blind and low vision. I have cognitive issues and image descriptions at times can be difficult for me. I really am doing my best here. I am not asking for any emotional or physical labour you do not wish to provide, of course.

Shaming me won't make the disability go away, btw. But helping add descriptions helps not just me, but the blind.

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I have a discord and telegram available upon request.

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my past re fedi elsewhere 

In case nobody got the memo:

yeah I was once a piece of shit.

I did some things the Fedi brigade strike force believes to be impossible: "learning" and "growing up." They may have led you to believe such things are impossible but I promise you dig enough on them and you'll find they aren't so squeaky clean.

I was once a channer. I was once a centrist. I held some racist views once upon a time.

And you know what? I got over that shit. Is it better to have been born an absolute flawless angel whose shit doesn't stink, or to have overcome being a shitlord through my own effort and acknowledging I was once not a good person?

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selfie, eye contact 

woah I feel cute for once!

And yes don't mind me I'm blushing and glowing a little.

gay posting 

rn I feel like an anime character who gets mistaken for being in a relationship with a friend they have a crush on

"N-no!!! We aren't dating! W-we're not!!!"

Never challenge Death to a pillow fight 

unless you're prepared to handle the Reaper cushions.

Not very profound cannabis-influenced thoughts 

Ain't it some shit? That we're put on this planet for rarely more than a century?

Human lifespans seem so short in the grand scheme of things. is openly antivax or otherwise peddling that sort of narrative.

This is still unfortunately a health concern more than anything else.

You think the shipping industry is going to want trucks that need to stop for 6 hours every 300 miles?

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Lot of people in the ars technica comment section calling hydrogen fuel cells a doomed fuel don't seem to realize that outside of passenger cars, the ability to run electric engines and refuel them instantly is going to be hugely important if we don't all want to, oh, die.

I wish liberals who say things like "it's against the law for us to have a union or strike" knew literally the first thing about labor history in this country.

for people asking what "real" harm tankies can do....

from 2019: "On July 31st, the self-proclaimed 'revolutionaries' of Defend Boyle Heights (DBH) mimicked the fascist state by rehearsing their own Maoist brand of authoritarian repression at the jail solidarity and courtwatch workshop, 'What To Do In Case Of Arrest.'"

I very much appreciate when people are spreading word of an organized boycott are clear that workers are calling for a boycott.

medical cannabis 

uhh fuck used too much oops

Elly Update 

oh god elly is so fucking gay right now

Friend: It's not too bad out today

Me: Yeah only a high of 96

Friend: it's fucked how quickly that's becoming "not too hot out"

really old politics reference, lewd 

Yes, I've experimented with sucking a dick or two. I didn't inhale it.

what's the word equivalent of "girlfriend" for your gender fluid ambiguous non-binary animal friend thingy

HTTP 451 Our Site Is So Thoroughly Infested With Tracking Shit That We Wouldnt Know How To Serve You Stuff Without It Even If We Wanted To

$ help rent (sorry ๐Ÿ˜ฃ) 

Hey all. I know I ask for help a lot but this month is gonna be a big hard.

Itโ€™s no secret that Iโ€™m visiting my girlfriend at the end of the month, but currently I just donโ€™t have enough money to be able to pay rent that is due while Iโ€™ll be with her.

Iโ€™ve tried to save up money for this trip, but between using a paycheck made this month to pay for rent the month before, and purchasing necessities and groceries this month, I just will not be making enough.

$350 = goal

$ help rent (sorry ๐Ÿ˜ฃ) 

Iโ€™m sorry to be asking again. I know I need a new job but it isnโ€™t exactly easy right now. Iโ€™m doing my best not to be frivolous and only get what I need.

I hate beggin all the time, itโ€™s embarrassing, and Iโ€™d like to be able to hold my own for once, maybe even be able to help others. Sorry yโ€™all. Thanks for reading. I owe everyone so much more than I can give back. Just hope I can still be a good presence around here.

CashApp: $GumbyRat

Kofi in bio

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