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My friend code is 76960307770 !!
I'm going to look for folks to add on here, too.

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Spouse saw Mastodon open on my desktop, asked "is this twitter for dragons?" 😂

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We currently have 50 Senators pledging to support net neutrality. We need one more. This February 27th, the Internet is coming together to support the CRA, and we need you to join.

RT Hi, this is just a pleasant reminder that caking on deodorant when you stink doesn't work. You have to wash under your arms, COMPLETELY DRY, and then add deodorant. Please RT to save a tournament goers life.

accountability post: this weekend I have to chill!!! the needle is in the red and I can't get burnout this spring

@brook @shel for me vaporwave is nostalgic but like, in an intensely melancholic way that isn't so much about wanting to return to the past so much as demonstrating how all the good things in the past were actually built upon lies and like… consumerism and whitewashing that we now know would escalate out of control

so it's like “wow remember when things seemed so nice??” but not in a “let's go back” way but rather a “wow we were so naïve” one

this is the only life we get to live, everyone is doin their best, assume good faith

there's no do-overs, there was no practice, none of us wanted to be here

strive to understand that intentions can be innocent, humans are wired for memes, and anger is a powerful and caustic, yet volatile, emotion

when you sense anger, try to step back for a moment and see what it decays into

1 like = 1 blessed be

1 boost = 3 amens

1 follow = a crown of worms (best value)

We're inviting all the gamey people who want to talk about #gameing to our new community -! Game devs, streamers of all kinds, super casual, tabletop, board games - all the gameing.

Check out our Code of Conduct and fill out the form ( or if I or @maloki know you on here, just @ us for a Discord invite. ❤️

a generation so ironic it had to invent the interjection “real talk,”

you know what blows my mind! people giving a serious heck about celebrities, like everyday details of their lives and such

We regret to inform you that javascript

today marks the 76th anniversary of FDR's sweeping executive order interning japanese, german, and italians into concentration camps #PresidentsDay2018

We should bring back cloaks as fashionable outerwear

Basically I just want to wear a blanket around all day