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My friend code is 76960307770 !!
I'm going to look for folks to add on here, too.

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Spouse saw Mastodon open on my desktop, asked "is this twitter for dragons?" 😂

If someone just looked at my bookcase they'd think I only read math textbooks and Latin grammars and things. Largely because, even excepting eBooks, I take a fierce civic pride in libraries and will either read a library book rather than buy it, or, if the library doesn't have it, buy hardcover and try to donate it to the library afterward.

Me then: skreeeee! Hiss! The Daystar!!
Me now: burn me, O Sun!

Apparently Jeff Bezos makes $28,000 (the median yearly salary of an Amazon employee) every 9 seconds.

He's on the way to becoming the world's first trillionaire.

The inequality is mind boggling. How do you actually, concretely, undo this kind of madness?

if you're sleepy and you know it, go to bed 😴😴​
if you're sleepy and you know it, go to bed 😴😴
if you're sleepy and you know it, i bet you already show it
if you're sleepy and you know it, go to bed 😴😴

you've heard of two-factor authentication but i've just invented something even more convenient

introducing: one. factor. authentication. stay tuned for the whitepaper

there's always growth

[vividly colored photograph of orange umbrella-looking mushrooms growing in clusters along an old rotten log amidst deep leaf litter, lush green forest in the far background]

#mobigraphy #photography #mastoart #1x1

actually starbucks is the battlestar galactica character, you're thinking of starbuck's monster

We really need a mashup DJ equivalent of Chopped

"DJs, open your box. Inside you will find:

The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack on vinyl
The stems for Anaconda by Nicki Minaj
A cheese grater
...and a download code for the third volume of Homestuck music

The timer starts now."

Alt-right radicalization, misogyny, harassment, Montreal Show more

Alt-right radicalization, misogyny, harassment, Montreal Show more

segue is pronounced like segway because you take a metaphorical segway from one topic to the next

Remember that there's nothing "scrappy" about a start-up with millions in venture capital backing in. VCs are exploiting our desire to root for the underdog, particularly when it comes to things like regulation.

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