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Sci-hub! All right!

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Boost This Picture of Xena and Seven of Nine to raise awareness of the Nineties

Let's make the first upload a classic! I worked on this Dimensions #cat #crossstitch off and on for years, slapped a caption on, and it's the highlight of my kitchen

Yo, it's ok to get tired and frustrated and upset. It's ok to take a break and step away for awhile.

What we are trying to figure out has never been done before. And it's not going to solved overnight.

It's going to take a lot of good ideas from a lot good people.

So do what you need to do to maintain, but stick with it.

We'll get there.

Remember that time I was in the yard and when I turned the hose on, slugs came out first?

Great days

Bofa deez arms around you in a friendly hug to show you my love and support

I would just like to take a moment and remind you that the people running your Mastodon instance are normal dorks like yourself, who are probably doing it as a side project.

If you want something from us, it's not a good idea for your first contact about it to be dripping with bitterness and sarcasm. Please be chill with your admin. Thanks. 💓

Now that the newest wave is getting into instance installation, it seems like a good time to point out that there is a friendly fork of mastodon that experiments with adding or enhancing features and functionality maintained by the talented glitchwitches of - code repo is at #mastotips

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