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Today I have had in my head:
Famous Dutch painter and cousin to the velociraptor: Deinonychus Bosch.

covid-19, medical misinfo 

good news for egg haters... if you use fish food, you only get fish! (I only had 6 packs to test it, but I was 6 for 6 with fish food) #animalcrossing

I'm pretty sure our cat is loving life rn...On-demand cuddles...

Anyone who thinks these quarantines/lockdowns are somehow about "government control" is fooling themselves.

The government already controls us through a status quo which teaches us to undervalue ourselves with the aim of making us work meaningless, thankless jobs and spend money on things we don't need.

They don't want us locked down. The more time we're at home, the less we're lining their pockets with needless purchases.

in case anyone missed the news, Federal Student Loans are halting collection until September. no interest will accrue on it and it wont harm your credit score to not pay it

on upside about all this: im glad to see hazard tape everywhere again, like we're in a 90s kids TV program, or a 90s nightclub, or a 90s video game, or a 90s movie,

uspol dakota access pipeline ++ 

If anyone tries to tell you rent forgiveness or rent strike is extreme or radical in these times just show them this:

U.S. Retailers Plan to Stop Paying Rent to Offset Virus Closures

The only person who is keeping the populace from flipping out and rioting in the streets is a gay gun-toting Oklahoma man with a meth addiction and 180 pet tigers.

Pandemic, the southern us, all caps 

So that thread I just boosted is solid gold advice. Check it out, especially if you're on full lockdown or are self-isolating!!

Housebound advice from a long-term housebound person, boosts ok 

*is suddenly chilly*
Ooo, I wonder what's β€” *looks outside* DAMN that's a lot of new snow

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