jenny absoluted mutilated this pumpkin just so she could wear it as some makeshift mask thing

u r n x t


oh boy it's time for Squirrels

i made a furry character becuz i felt like it, meet Sana! she's slightly smoller than Jenny, despite her being older than Jenny by a year

also she's hella gay

i'm too sleepy to think of a name for this Squirrel Creachure, so have a slightly updated version before i slep

creachure time

gotta name this hecker and maybe draw l e g s for once

slight seizure warning? not sure, but there is high contrast differences 

out of context screencap, made to look lewd in this context 

exactly a year and a month ago, my account was compromised apparently

i sent a customer support message in hopes they can let me back in lmao

oh right i left a note for myself for when i woke up

and i made sure i wouldn't be able to miss it

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