shhh, i stealthy transported this eevee here

you musn't tell anyone of this,

y'all remember sonic runners?


well a buncha dedicated fans for the game has went out of their way to revive the game, and it's currently in open beta

the coin-flip said donphan, so that's where i'm gonna join

but first i'm reading up on the server rules, and i already love this instance

already regretting life decisions with some horrible memories flooding back

pokemon sword/shield 

Other accounts:

Nintendo Switch - You can add me if we're mutuals!

Direct links:

Image is a list of all my characters I've made thus far!

i'm probably gonna sleep soon, so before i do, i just wanted to show y'all what i'm workin on with this ref sheet

btw her name is Meru, i forgot to say that lol

if ya have any suggestions, throw them at me

another update on the pika

decided to make the firey colors all the same, but make them a gradient so they can at least vary a bit

oops, did an overhaul of the pika character i'm making

i'm trying to give her fire stuff cuz i feel like it y'know

anyways, since i got distracted with making a new pikachu character, have what i've been working on

i'm still unsure about the colors, since i don't wanna exactly go with light fur again, but i don't know of anything better so /shrug

i offer u the cinccino of happiness

you will have a nice n happy day from this moment onward

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