@DisneyDream/ is a spambot showing up on multiple instances, they're a bot spouting really shitty stuff that I screenshotted in this post:

To all instance admins: If you have a user registered under that username, check in on them and ban them!

I've only discovered they were in multiple instances after I blocked one and another sprung up shortly thereafter. I would not be shocked if one of the many bots replied to this tweet tbh

@EeveeDefender There's someone making a lot of new accounts and running very boring spambots on them right now, this seems to be the same one with a new link. Nice to see that their first one got deleted

@noiob Yeah, if there was some like, easy autoban script that bans people based on a phrase posted (e.g. that link), that'd be super useful, since I bet they'll try to find another username to go under once they get banned from everywhere.

@zoe @noiob oh dang really? that makes it even worse somehow

i guess they're sifting through the federated TL and ctrl+v'ing their post

@zoe @noiob next time i see that fucker, i'll just reply with something weird

@EeveeDefender @zoe I wonder how hard it'd be instead of banning to just make them scream into the void

@noiob @zoe we need to integrate code that de-federates one single user in an instance, and have it so the instance does a global mute of the user as well

that'd be amazing for folks like them lmao

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