@audreyaudino@donphan.social i hope you appreciate this post

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@EeveeDefender playing the music from that long gummy commercial from japan, but replacing "man" with "eevee"

@EeveeDefender :33 < i was gonna make a post like "33v33!!" but like really long
:33 < and then i realized my typing quirk would just butcher the shit out of 33v33's name, exactly like it just did

shitpost, meme 


I want a girl with a shirt skirt

And a long eevee

@zac for some reason the italics took time to load in, so it was just rendering as "And a eevee" lol

@EeveeDefender If we call this one Eevvvvvee, then it also suggests the existence of Eeeeevee, and Eeveeeee

@EeveeDefender I want a girl with some short legs who's a looooooooooooooooooong

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