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Other accounts:

Nintendo Switch - You can add me if we're mutuals!

Direct links:

Image is a list of all my characters I've made thus far!

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Commission status: Commissions are currently only available to mutuals! They'll be reopened to the general public after I clear out most my current queue! There's a lot of heavy work to do before I get there though.

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just convinced 2 mutuals on twitter to change their bio to have pronouns on there


police violence in america 

oh right i left a note for myself for when i woke up

and i made sure i wouldn't be able to miss it


i just realized something

one of the usernames i used to go by back in the REALLY early days of the internet, back when i really shouldn't have been using it, was something like this:


well fuck you past self, i'm a rat now, what are you gonna do about it

okay, it's real heckin annoying how often i mix up "things" and "thinks" for whatever baffling reason

like seriously, i type shit like "there are many thinks around here", or "i'm trying to thing about it"

like how the hell does my brain do that lmao

oh right i forgot about postybirb again

heck it i'll just nuke it from here and repost it on my other account

some highlights of scots wikipedia:

did ye ken: the hairst moose is aboot half the weight o the hoose moose

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