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the game is whoever pets the horse first is the one that earns the 7 chaos emeralds

that's the plot to the whole movie

it took me 5 minutes to try and balance this eevee without them falling off, please laugh

I am a Professional Hater Of The Season Called "Summer"

if you argue that there should be a cost for higher education, you're admitting that college should be a class gateway and that the poors shouldn't be allowed to do it

witnessing a mutual boost a different mutal's post gives a distant sense of satisfaction

god i just really love the pichu flower crown pic i drew, illy just looks so heckin adorable

i almost wanna expand that image in a way, just to set it as my background image

child: i cant wait for some chocolate eggs this easter

the same person, but an adult now: i want my fucKING fursona to lay a bun ch of fuckign eggs, ,

i will keep saying this until it is ingrained into everyone's mind

flareon is just a big spicy eevee

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