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My brain:
❌wanting to present masculine
❌wanting to present feminine
❌wanting to present androgynous
✅wanting to present rubber kangaroo

Being enby and not really feeling like you want to transition because moving the masculine/feminine slider on your body doesn't make you feel better and you just wanna be a non-human instead.

I just wanna say everyone who's not human. You're cool and one day we'll get the bodies we deserve.

Boomers reacting to Merriam Webster adding non-binary they/them to the dictionary: HBEHBEJHBHJB fuck you it is...grmatically ICONRECT!!!!


My classmates when they see my desktop background and login screen background being a kangaroo, my email having the word kangaroo in it, the kangaroo emojis in my whatsapp name, the kangaroos in my firefox theme, the kangaroo as my mobile phone wallpaper: "Heheh, wow, you really seem to like kangaroos huh? What do you have with kangaroos"

me: ...oh :) yeah you know... :) they are just my favourite animals.

All I wanna do
is to see me turn into
a rubber kangaroo
(a rubber kangaroo)

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One day I think I wanna say that Joey's drone suit has completely turned Joey synthetic on the inside, to the point that the distinction between the organic wearer and the rubber nanite suit is no longer existent. Joey becomes his drone suit, a literal extension of his body.

It makes me so giddy to no longer be organic. A good synth drone~ Gosh I wanna be one so badly.

Karishad commissioned me to do a special birthday gift for Rick Griffin, and I was all too happy to oblige. 💖

it's morning and I don't wanna go to class I want to be a pet drone

A monochromatic Abacus, because orange can look lovely in black, too.

Art by HelixJack

Delivery drones but instead of a fleet of unmanned amazon aircraft it's rubber drone cuties bringing your package to your doorstep.

shitpost, droneposting 

As a part of self-care and validation of my rubber kangaroo drone identity I will do all of my toots in drone Joey's voice from now on:

mm mmff hmm mmrmm *squirk squeak* 🖤💜

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