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Hey friends, I love you all very much and I am sorry if I am not always as talkative. I do think about you all the time, I am just eternally tired.

I have like a dozen friends who are pooltoys, people think they're slick when they jokingly identify as something weird as a counter-argument to trans people. Nooo, hun, you don't understand how things work. You CAN be whatever you want! Welcome to the otherkin club, we believe in trans rights here.

LB: That's really wholesome and goes to show, it's not the fact that they're identifying as something "ridiculous", it's their complete lack of sincerity behind that.

We otherkin are here, we exist, we identify as all kinds of non-human things. The point is, most of us are like, decent people who support trans people (a lot of us ARE trans even damnit) cause we aren't disingenuous douchebags.

@fakemaxkeeble @LexYeen
The worst part is, being among furries and weebs? I can respect an attack helicopter in a human body. Like, sure! Why not? I'm not sure why this is a counter argument?

Identify how you want! Good luck with that rotor and missile bay! Someday maybe we will all be trundling on tank treads together, solidarity my mechanical friend! Until that day, the hormones are doing their job and I am happier than before.

For sure though, an aircraft carrier is much bigger and gnarlier. It may even contain attack helicopters!

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Me: Yeah I am aro
Also me: I wanna marry a pokΓ©mon

I wanna get transformed into an ampharos sometimes honestly

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Meadow, food mention 

science has finally answered, what happens if you combine a ferret and beanbag chair

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video game gushing, Meadow 

I really wanna run through the woods with my friends as an animal.

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