But I could use this as an opportunity to distro hop...I'm on Pop-os on my laptop and desktop maybe I could stick arch on my laptop and see what happens.

Wait maybe I should just use dd instead...or should I. Hm

Mmmm gonna install an SSD in my laptop finally. Sometime tomorrow. And clone the drive from a HHD to a SSD so hopefully clone zilla has no issues doing that.

I like Krita. I do.


Has anyone gotten clip studio paint working in linux? I can't seem to.Always has login issues. Hmm.

I have to use windows for work because my group insists on using word for publication drafting instead of libreoffice or LaTeX. Q.Q

Windows not automatically being somewhat verbose about what it is doing during an update is just bad UX. Users have no idea if its still working or not or if its just sitting there making shit up. Then it insists on using the same spinning wheel bullshit for everything.

I like pop-ups but I'm tempted to move to manjaro just to try something different.

You know what fuck it I'm just going to install fresh pop into the nvme

Realizing that your blood pressure medication is also your anxiety medication

Long shot, but one of my fiends / ex-colleague is in limbo regarding jobs, she is awesome at @rstats and anything related to #OpenScience, #FAIRData, image analysis and processing, and #bioinformatics. If you hear about anything in and around #Meanjin / #Brisbane, or remote, please let me know.
(Boosts encouraged)

Got an nvme drive. Copying partitions to it using clonezilla and I think it's working. No errors yet

I keep meaning to post my families here instead of just on birb site

I was wondering why I had two versions of firefox. Apparently one was the snap version and the other wasn't.

Mmmmmmmmm academia can he incredibly exploitative. But the only way to fix that is to seperate it from the capitalist systems which invade it.

Oh snap people have decided I should post my dailies so I will drop the missing ones here in a storm. Maybe I should make a script to automate the posting. Hm.

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