A gift for Scarlet-Frost over on FA (furaffinity.net/user/scarlet-f) cause she's an awesome person and made herself the delightful and sexy Sylar/Eros seen here!

Also my first attempt at actual shading of any type! Much was learned, and much more shall be learned on the next go~

Once again I thought the run went worst than it actually did... Would've been faster if I remembered Hookshot cave probably >.>; But most importantly....

I thought I was doing terribly on the seed but I got just under 3 hours. No look ups or anything. I'm getting better ;.;

And also finished this tonight on the stream. I was a psyduck. Most of it was done earlier today and was just filling time at the end of the stream, getting more practice. I kinda wanna do another already but do not have the time. >.>;

Getting hooked on Randomizers. This is one @NinTheFolf wanted me to do. I didn't do too shabby <3 Didn't use any external resources either~

vore, macro/micro, inktober 

Alessi does enjoy a nice glass of wine now and again. Not often with a little garnish but who are they to complain~? I'm sure Danny's complaining plenty enough for two, small as he is!

Vore, Inktober 

Inktober #9 - Precious. Was kind of a no-brainer since Sefra/Terith is pretty much the single most precious of...pretty much everything in my life~

Vore, Inktober 

If there's one thing Damien knows how to do, it's making a night memorable for his prey, in one fashion or another~ Because really, it's their time to shine. As a delicious treat.

Vore, Inktober 

Inktober #7 - Exhausted

Featuring my friend Tastytale's Skyler as the exhausted party~ He's fun to draw and I enjoy having venison. ;3

Vore, Inktober 

Inktober #6 - Drooling

Guest appearance by m'friend Slash~ And Alessi. Or his feet at least. Boopadoop.


#5 - Chicken

I went meta with this prompt. The art itself has nothing to do with it. Because I chickened out on it~

Vore, macro/micro, inktober 

Nykail stands up to her brother, Mittens! You'll notice this one isn't inked/lined. I figured it' be the trade off for multiple panels. Also got a late start on it but still mostly that first thing. :T

Vore, Inktober 

Some more inktober with the prompt Tranquil. Admittedly I rushed myself where I (probably) didn't need to and so there's less to this than I would've liked. But I also don't fully understand how to do the folds in fabric for like, a proper dakimakura pose, So...Just pretend he's on the softest pillow ever for you to hug? :V

Vore, Inktober 

Inktober begin and we gets a thing with Nykail and Alys (Who belongs to Sefra), her main squeeze ratfolk in the pathfinder campaign Nykail was created for~ Oh, and you can expect as many of these inktober things as I can muster to involve in some fashion.


The last of my ~mien series for now, with a little help from my friend Angelo~

Sneps. <3


Snake-y Damien(i.e. Snekmien) smeeshing a Tsumi while Jit slides on in~

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