A gift for Scarlet-Frost over on FA (furaffinity.net/user/scarlet-f) cause she's an awesome person and made herself the delightful and sexy Sylar/Eros seen here!

Also my first attempt at actual shading of any type! Much was learned, and much more shall be learned on the next go~

Is Pokemon Go still a thing for people? Finally caved and got it myself so...

Trainer code thing: 7446 7564 8863

Me: I'mma lay in bed until about 5 then work on art. That sorta relaxing pseudo-nap to brush away the tired face.
Discord, around 5: <many messages, breaking the doze fully>
Me: why must you hold me to my word, world D:

Any of y'all play "Plug & Play"? That at least is pretty obvious in what it's showing. Kids...less so. I've got like, a theory? But I am TERRIBLE at interpreting "art" things so I'm probably wrong.

Donut County was pretty fun and cute. About as short as I expected, but it was the appropriate length for what it was, I think.

Hope everyone has a beautiful day here today

Man I have such a sleepy face right now and no idea why.

Wanna get home and play more Dragon Quest Builders 2. :T.

It is an almost obnoxiously quiet day over here. Hope it's being a nice one for you all at least~

It is November now. You know what that means? It's time for Damien Days! A month long celebration of everyone's favorite black-furred floofy fox! So get ready for...um...stuff?

Please direct all plans and inquiries about celebrating to @SoLongBunny. He came up with this silliness. ;P I'm just using it as a way to couch my annual indication that my bithday's on the 19th. So... yeah. Delta Rune was pretty awesome, huh?

vore teasing 

Happy Halloween all! If you still need a last minute costume idea, I hear Fox Filling is a popular choice this year~

I return from an unannounced break. I think. Maybe. Social media and I don't always get along so I'm still trying to decide what exactly I want to do with it. But for now, hello again~

Once again I thought the run went worst than it actually did... Would've been faster if I remembered Hookshot cave probably >.>; But most importantly....

TIL I feel like I need a reason to want hugs.

...doesn't stop me from wanting all the warm hugs in my floof all the same.

I thought I was doing terribly on the seed but I got just under 3 hours. No look ups or anything. I'm getting better ;.;

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