Apparently it's the Liberation Serif font.

Have a look at the absolutely terrible kerning on the word "Harassment"


@abby fuck whoever taught me that kerning was a thing. but yes, why does the liberation serif font have such bad kerning? it was annoying me so much when I was writing my final essays this last semester

@DJWalnut I don't know but looking closely it seems the kerning is shitty throughout LibreOffice, with or without pair kerning enabled (although disabling it makes the kerning slightly better)... for some reason though Liberation Serif takes kerning to level 9000.

@abby which sucks, because that's the times new roman substitute we're all supposed to be using. I guess it's time to go back to using monospace fonts

@DJWalnut @abby Pardon this old fogey's question but why isn't school / whatever having you use Arial / Trebuchet / something reasonable? I hella agree that the above kerning examples are horrendous

@level2wizard @abby I do everything on my own linux box, and I haven't bothered to install microsoft's fonts. all the instructions say to use times new roman, but no one has ever complained about it

@DJWalnut @abby Ah. Are you delivering this via printed-on-dead-trees or how is it getting rendered if your recipient is covered in M$*?

* alert - this is no longer a cool way to make fun of microsoft, don't do this

@level2wizard @abby I've done both, it's fine. I always assume that rule is there so you don't turn things in with wingdings or something

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