*macOS voice* openGL? who uses that anymore? switch to the Apple Exclusive Metal API™ instead. what's that? "openCL is the standard for machine learning"? all i heard was "blah blah blah i'm a smelly nerd who can't afford a mac pro"! use Metal™ instead of these legacy technologies

seriously. macOS is deprecating fucking OPENGL. what in the mother of FUCK are they doing.

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@lynnesbian dude what. how is that possible. are they being bribed by Nvidia or something? is this going to be USB vs. Firewire again, but dumber?

@lynnesbian so yeah, this is a giant mistake do they think that anyone so gonna use it? someone's gonna write an open CL to metal adapter soon

@DJWalnut i'm pretty sure they're making a terrible mistake, but then again, who uses a mac for gaming or machine learning lmao

time to install linu... oh wait you can't do that anymore on new macs

@dev_ponies i'm pretty sure you can still install linux on the macbooks, it's just a PITA

last i heard it requires an external drive
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