@Crosshatchyote Since most of these are about trying to build habits rather than a yearly total or a nebulous concept, I think it'll work better for the way I operate. I thought about "sketchbook pages" or "finished drawings," but going by days of work seems better.

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@Crosshatchyote I think one reason I've had trouble building habits before is wording them poorly. "I want to sketch every day" is doomed to failure because I know I won't do it _every_ day, and when I start to slip, I just fall off. So I'm giving myself specific parameters with built-in wiggle room. The top three are fifty weeks, five days a week. Then three days a week, two days a week.

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I haven't really done resolutions in a long time. But I was talking with jakebe@awoo.space & he brought up the question "What will a successful 2019 look like?" So after some thinking, here's my answer.

Read about 5e gnolls, and thus, now thinking about vore a smidge.

It took a few years for me to really notice the "palm trees enveloped in shitloads of fog" aesthetic & go head-tilty over the way it clashes with my pre-xisting mental landscape.

@Crosshatchyote On a related note, I might try to give my mohawk a skunk stripe next time I bleach. I fuckin' love the really light pink/white I end up with in between bleach and dye.

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"Candy floss" has completely replaced "cotton candy" for metaphors & similes in my brain. I assume literal cotton candy still goes by that name, but anything like one of them is always like candy floss.

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I am soooo close to my New Follower goal for the month! If you like video games, queer cats, and vices of every sort, maybe check out my channel at twitch.tv/MrJackCat

Third divorceversary today. Maybe I should take this off my calendar? Temptation to get drunk & be maudlin is there. But also wow everything is so much better now. Handy reminder to get off my ass & stop spending so much time watching shows.

Mentioning emotional abuse 

Last night I realized how much I've been avoiding my own memories, because my abuser(s) are present in so many of them. But I'm starting to feel OK accessing them. Like, yes, X was in the room, but it was still nice lying on the futon, watching shows with my kitty kneading my chest. I'm compartmentalizing a little better.

In my younger days, I woulda been mortified by the amount o typos I allow through these days.

Youth is stupid.

Earlier today: this towel was on the floor for two minutes & she fell all the way asleep, so doing laundry was delayed for about an hour.

I bought some art at PawCon, so I bought some matboard today, but now I have to wait because I ordered a bevel matborad cutter to DO IT RIGHT but anyway I have really missed cutting matboard & matboarding things & didn't realize how much the end.

It's ok-my-gosh-all-the-squirrels-are-adorably-fat season! ^.^

My doctor's making me go without caffeine for a week starting today. Cold turkey. Already tired & headachy.

Leather gear, but sfw 

Picked up my dope af yoteface from Bully Bros Gear this morning. :D

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