MH, suicide 

Im so sick of having to live with my parents and being a constant burdern on them. I cant see any situation where I get out of this and I honestly think I should just kill myself at this point. Things arent ever gonna get better.

Ill stop livetooting pokemon once I get over how much I love this show.

I really appreciate how much pikachu being adorable is in pokemon S&M

Making the new pokemon more into a slice of life thing was a great idea

This is the best episode so far cause ash is just hanging on an island chilling with pokemon without trying to beat them up or enslave them.

OMG I think I might have gotten to the episode where ash gets forcefemmed and im so excited

And now ash is teaching a rockruff how to twerk

aaaaaaaa I got to the vulpix episode and they are sooo cuuuuuute.

So Im pretty sure that team rocket are only able to catch pokemon by seducing them

I honestly think I would enjoy pokemon more if the whole battling aspect was ditched in favor of more cuddling.

My counselor is aprently going to try and explain how friends work at long last.

Im drinking chocolate milk out of the carton cause Im a fucking adult

Im kinda 50/50 on transhumanism. The trans I can get behind but human is eh.

Ciara awooed


waiting for pizza to arrive and I have never been so aware of every sound happening outside my house


Im so desperate for pizza im stating at the clock waiting for the pizza place to open.

Ciara awooed

Lol rotom is the mansplain pokemon in S&M

Watching the new pokemon cause I heard it was good. Love the animation so far.

Hopefully today I can get some more art done

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