Today at work I have used in anger xargs, sed, awk and python. I did managed to work find in there I'd probably have collapsed into a singularity.


@icefox This might be a silly question, but if you were using Python anyway, why pull in the rest? :)

@icefox Actually this reminds me. An employee of a large organization mentioned that when he first got hired there and Perl was the new thing, the OFFICIAL GUIDANCE from on high kept alternating between ‘If you're using all these Unix utilities and plumbing, you should probably just use Perl instead.’ and ‘if you're using Perl for anything short, you should probably be using Unix shell and utilities instead.’

@Azure @icefox I mean the real problem is just that Unix utilities are great for data flow and crap for string handling and data structures, while real programming languages are great for the last but the first often takes a fair bit of extra work.

@Azure @icefox Scale. And incremental progression and, well, absent mindedness in general.

"rsync some files from a remote host with some name replacement" -> sed and xargs. "Import this CSV into a database with some modifications" -> python. "Sum up statistics for this CSV to see why it's not importing properly" -> probably should have been python but ended up awk.

@icefox @icefox Do you want to know my secret shell script shame?

I'm often too lazy to use sed when I can get away with invoking cut twice to get the same result.

*hangs head, droops ears and whiskers* I am Wicked.

@Azure @icefox no you're not. I mainly use sed because I can never remember how cut and tr work.

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