The real solution to DRM is legislative and simple: any work published with the consent and knowledge of the copyright holder under DRM is no longer under copyright.

You can either participate in copyright including full-on fair use, archival copies, lending, and people actually owning the media they buy
Or you can have wallow in your defective-by-design media distribution channels.

@Azure Except that getting any somewhat-relevant legislature to go for it won't be simple at all. :V

But yes, being literally forced to “pirate” movies and stuff because I cannot run their DRM crap (nor do I want to) is a major pain.

@kellerfuchs Well, yes. Also I'd really just like to see geo-blocking outlawed. And add a mechanical license similar to what we have for covers, so that a studio can't /stop/ you from streaming something they have a monopoly on to customers, there's just a fixed, probably higher than you might owe if you negotiated for it, rate.

@Azure This is a enticing thought, but I guess you'll run into the issue of what constitute DRM pretty quickly. And even with a clear case, I wouldn't feel serene bringing such a technologically heavy subject before court...

No, let's just ban copyright altogether and be done with it.

@lertsenem I've been thinking somewhat along those lines. I think copyright has a pretty short lifespan. Under a reasonable socialist system most of the arguments for it fall over pretty quickly.

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