It's interesting to me to contrast Brave New World with We and The Dispossessed.

Brave New World is a much better work than either because it presents the dystopia sympathetically and makes sure you can understand the reasons the people in it like it that way. Even as you reject it you understand its internal consistency, and it stays that way from start to end.

We starts out in this vein. You may not like the society but you can sympathize with it and see the goods in it. In fact it's even appealing in some ways, even though you'd reject it. A friend of mine once said that as a writer he'd find the idea of writing songs to ensure the unity of a society that ensures a good life for every citizen /way/ more appealing than writing advertising jingles to get people to buy stuff they don't need. The struggle inside the protagonist is a real struggle as he sees what he's lost and whether it's worth it to get it back. Then it goes off the rail and sets about destroying everyone's imagination.

The Dispossessed starts out with one definitely bad side, and that's fine, there are obviously bad worlds, but tries to provide a nuanced look at things­— then fails utterly with an unmotivated mass execution just so nobody gets confused about who the bad guys are.

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