Foxes, being intelligent creatures, would really rather not actually fight each other tooth and claw. It's undignified. Someone may get hurt. The /winner/ may get hurt. It's just a bad time for everyone.

They have a system of posturing (literally. Adopting one posture or another) so that a fox who thinks themself obviously more capable can broadcast this fact and the other can either dispute it or, more commonly, say "Oh, fine, I guess."

When this fails, they engage in…The Fox Trot.

Both foxes will stand up on their hind legs and rest their forepaws on each other shoulders while trying both to balance and shove the other one over while shouting at them.

Of course, to humans, it sounds like gekkering, but I suspect that beyond the language barrier it's basically a combination of wordplay, attempting to stun your opponent by sheer force of personality, ritualized, ornate boasting, and poetry slam.

@Azure well, smart foxes! actually everyone get's hurt in a fight, most of the time. how do they release rage, though?

@MrUrban Oh, you know. Music! Why if you ever hear a group of foxes making noises that sound like the torments of the damned, it's just their equivalent of death metal.

@Azure That makes so much sense. When I (physically) fight it's simply bc I'm SO angry. But yeah, music.

@Azure So basically foxes do the sword fighting in The Secret of Monkey Island.

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