People have very specific and stylized ideas about what 'realism' is.

Used to be we occasionally had characters who wanted to find things out just because finding things out was fun. The. "For science!" sort.

Those aren't allowed any more, if you're to be considered Mature and Realistic. Which is odd if you think about it and look up just how many people are willing to undergo personal hardship and strain and forego material wealth just to get in a position where they can spend their lives (a) figuring things out and (b) teaching people.

Nowadays anyone who 'just wants to figure things out' has to be an omnicidal maniac who would rather destroy the world than admit that his theory is inaccurate. Or has some screaming demonic NEED FOR CONTROL!!! Which is even more ridiculous.

Since if you actually look at, you know, the actual real life behavior of people who spend their time trying to figure things out, the ones who aren't in the vast majority of folks who just want to know things can be divided into two camps:

Those who want to be famous and make money in fairly venal means like, you know, most other people who do bad things and those who …also want to know things and figure stuff out and are willing to cheat to get tenure under Publish or Perish.

At some point the stereotypes of realism and maturity in art seem to have lost any semblance to looking around at the world and seeing how people behave and been replaced with the idea that a 'realistic' world is one in which every is very boring but also, somehow, secretly a serial killer who operates slave labor camps for fun.

It's similar to the way every society that functions in a half-way decent way has to be retconned into, at best, an exercise in good publicity that puts on the forms of democracy while /really/ being run by the secret police.

@Azure gritty != realistic

The Walking Dead is empirically not how things go

@Azure This brings me back to when I participated with the Star Trek New Voyages production. It was true to the original series in both form and story telling (although for some, the acting was so bad they couldn't watch it; however, I never had a problem with it). And, we had fun working on the production itself. I frequently did set construction and digital ingest.

If I had the time and money, I would like to start a similar production. Oh well, maybe when I win the lottery.

I was thinking of a realistic scene for my cyberpunk novel.

Kids playing soccer on a concrete field. There are still bullet holes on some walls. The kids don't care.

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