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As a giant fox going to physical therapy, one of the interesting things I'm finding is the limits of introception. I'm fairly aware of my body even if I have a bad habit of being very good at going 'RAR, I SHALL TRANSCEND MY PHYSICAL FORM AND PUSH THROUGH!' when it tries to tell me it's in pain. A lot of stretches and exercises you might stumble into that /feel/ natural and good ARE. But some things I'm being told to do I would never have thought of. They feel very /unnatural/ because they rely on using muscles that have grown weak against ones that have grown (poportionally) too strong. I am also retraining myself to make certain movements and do exercises differently than how I would, to involve the (weaker) muscles that SHOULD be more involved the (proportionally) overstrong muscles that have been taking too active a role. For example, I /should/ be driving moving my arms back or upward with the muscles in my upper back, but I've been habitually using those in my chest. It becomes a self-reinforcing cycle that starts with posture and gets strengthened through habit and improper compensation.

It's weird that my entire knowledge that WC Fields exists is because he gets parodied in old cartoons.

Rainbow Twizzlers are kind of disappointing. Their flavor is very…phrüüüt.

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So weird that using a laptop as a "thin" client is so much more battery- and RAM-intensive than simply installing native applications and running them locally. It's almost like abusing a technology that was never intended for this purpose is a bad idea.

Foo. I picked lunch then ran off without it.

At least I managed to drop off the cat juice at the catologist.

That terrible feeling when you discover something isn't permanent press.

I only learned what moths and butterflies and whatnot actually looked like when I saw closeups on TV or pictures in science labs.

When I was very young, the common white moths we had flapped around in the back yard, but seeing them badly my brain parsed them as disembodied mouths opening and closing in mid-air.

I interpreted this to be what people meant when talking about a bug-bite. Just one of these disembodied mouths flying up and taking a bite out of you with nothing to swallow it into so it just fell on the ground.

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@xj9 Some of my best friendships started because randos appeared in my threads

I never remember the formula for the volume of a sphere or cone and just end up using an integral to re-derive it.

I feel like the suberogatory (the indecent, the blameworthy but not forbidden) doesn't get enough attention, even though the supererogatory (the praiseworthy but not required) does. And there's a lot of play in interpersonal relation where suberogation seems like it would come up. Breaking off a friendship because the other party is perceived as 'uncool' and the 'uncoolness' might rub off on you. The idea that people are sovereign in who they have relationships with is a pretty important one and I'd be very hesitant about telling someone they MUST NOT stop relating to someone, even for a bad reason, but there does seem to be a certain kind of indecency about it.

I'm still giggling over:

Now with One Flavor:

Black Licorice

Also I really like that the person doing this clearly knows the difference between licorice and anise flavor and just how much 'licorice' candy is actually anise.


If I hadn't seen the 'Pastry Chef Tries to Make Gourmet Twizzlers' episode I would never have expected Twizzlers are basically Gluten Ropes instead of gelatin.

It makes /sense/ in retrospect, the texture when you bite into them doesn't really feel like any kind of gelatin candy.

The Twisty Snake Toy is way more fun than it should be.

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