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I'm rather enjoying tonality.

I'm just having fun saying ‘我是狐狸!’ over and over.

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Having to debug stuff in FreeBSD is always such a pain.

I would say it's just because I'm so much more familiar with Linux

…but I never have these problems with OpenBSD. OpenBSD is /so/ much less clunky and clumsy feeling for me.

I really dislike 'install-deps' scripts. They're fragile.

They're annoying.

They require running a random script as root, particularly if they're not transparent.

And I'd much rather have a list of all packages a system depends on enumerated by /source/.

Lessons the tech industry needs to learn:
1) you are not steve jobs
2) steve jobs wasn't steve jobs either
3) you don't really want to be steve jobs anyway
4) he sucks

I want a world without marginalized groups.

Human equality.

That's all.

Simple, right?

I will never understand people who get disapprovingly angry with me over enjoying storms, tornado warnings, etc.

It's not like the high wind only exists /because/ I enjoy it.

If something destructive is going to happen anyway, having some people enjoy it for reasons independent of the destructive outcome seems strictly preferable to having nobody enjoy it.

Well that's annoying. I thought symmetry had got out of the habit of pushing the butter dish off the table.

..Durian Coffee exists.

it doesn't surprise me that people eat Durian. I eat Durian when I can get it.

It surprises me that anyone would want to mix it with coffee!

I want my enemies to live forever. If they live long enough, they won't be my enemies anymore.

I want everyone to live forever. If we live long enough, we'll find ways to live together.

Why is there not an okra emoji? I eat way more okra than I do eggplant.

…mostly because I love putting okra in soup.

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This is really the only one of Bob Dylan's songs that I like his version of:

(The title, of course, is an accurate description of what happens if I curl up with someone and hug them with all of my limbs, including tail.)

QUICK SURVEY (please share)

If you were asked to capture a QR code (right this second) could you do so effectively?

tired: ml=marxism-leninism
wired: ml=machine learning

inspired: the glorious revolutionary ideology of machineism-learningism

Yes. I do not believe you can /steal/ scientific or engineering information. It's /there/. /In the World/. The common heritage of all people!

Well. Okay. You could /steal/ it in one way.

You could lock it up and keep it secret and thus /steal/ it from all people.

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