I'd forgotten Mr. Loaf was in Pick of Destiny.

As with most things Mr. Loaf is involved in, he's sort of the best part of the movie.

I think my main gift in life might be that I'm good at liking things.

And good at liking the things I like a lot.

I really like the music of Billy Joel. It's usually much more poppy than what I enjoy, but that's probably part of it. It's /so/ exuberant and hooky.

Here! Have some : youtube.com/watch?v=7CulzQb-3l

I don't know why I like this song. By all logic I shouldn't since the singer has a bad case of "Hello, I'm dying of tuberculosis and somewhat off key. That means I'm sincere."

But there's something appealing about the desperation and fear in the way the whole song is organized. It feels like the singer is trying really hard against some dire circumstance.

I just discovered that bluebulbprojects.com/measureof exists

(There are many good reasons to find this useful! But or enthusiasts might be especially interested.)

Here's something odd just for fun. Some : youtube.com/watch?v=bFhxgnZVMG

A sort of jazz rock/almost psychedelic sounding cover of some bits of The Messiah.

This comes largely from the 'Rock in Opposition' movement in the UK which wanted to pursue a rougher, more psychedelic vision of prog rock largely inspired by continental progressive, as opposed to the 'mainstream' of Prog.

This 'I am CEO. I am ÜBEREMENSCH' stuff you see among stupid people who happen to be libertarians is bad enough, but trying to pull it off when you're a one-man outfit writing PHP is just pathetic.

I will never get used to people calling their grandmother 'meemaw'

On the other hand one of my grandmothers liked to be called 'granny' and the other liked 'nana-gjyshe' so I guess I don't have too much room to talk.

THEN AGAIN 'meemaw' sounds like someone trying to imitate an ambulance siren.

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Fancy pointers were, of course, pointers bred by humans for companionship and appearance.

Wild pointers tend to be a bit skittish and come only in grey, brown, and white. Also they sometimes leak or dangle.

'Fancy Pointer'

Yes, that's a technical term.

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