The one upside of my desktop being broken and having to use my laptop is that I really like the background on my laptop.

Every day that you get to share The Most Unwanted Music with someone is a good day.

That feeling when you try to remember a punk song, and realize it's actually a fake punk song by Bill Bailey.

"Country life, you spread it with a knife. The knife on the bread HAS KILLED PUNK DEAD!"

I remember some IBM PS/2s had a swing-up handle on the top of the tower to aid in carrying it. (And a yellow sticker warning that some people ought not try to carry it.) I'd kind of like carrying handles to become standard on tower machines.

It's a shame hardware can't be virtual on all levels.

I utterly and sincerely believe that the appropriate response to a media voice condemning some widely worn article of clothing (jean shorts, sandals, crocs, whatever) while appropriating some aura of cultural authority and shaming is:

"!? What the heck. Get over yourself."

Dreamed about going on a road trip with someone who dragged me to a church service where they were really bad at the singing. (Instead of having a pianist or organist or something they'd just play a recording of a soloist singing the song in the "It's the accompanist's job to follow your time and keep up with you" vein so nobody knew when to come in and gave up.)

And that someone else and I got romantically fixed up with each other by our friends and neither of us really wanted to be so we had a wonderful time conspiring with each other to escape them and get away from each other.

And that there was a new Super Mario game out for the SNES where you were a conspiracy theorist trying to overthrow the tyranny of the Star People governing the world.

And now that I've worked until four in the morning, I ceremonially kill the VPN so I can't work during my long weekend!

The badness of IOStream really does keep surprising me.

Obviously I need to run my program under GDB under GDB to see what's goiZ1#!/zghj,q9Connection reset by peer.

One of the downsides of working on a large, ambitious C++ project that contains a large number of future-facing language lawyers is that…

You get to find the bugs in your tooling.

I thought having GDB hit failed assertions was bad.

That's nothing compared to running a core-dumping program under GDB

Only to have GDB suspend itself(!) instead of trapping the signal.
And then finish running the program as if nothing had gone wrong when it's re-foregrounded.

It's a good feeling when you go to bed wondering why something you made doesn't work and feeling annoyed because it seems to make no sense, but when you wake up it makes PERFECT sense why it doesn't work and you hold the world in the palm of your hand, commanding it 'Work! Be more perfect!' and then it /does/.

> the Karman Line, the imaginary boundary that separates earth's atmosphere and space.

So what you're telling me is that there's NOTHING BUT THE POWER OF HUMAN IMAGINATION defending earth and holding back the terrors that lurk in /Space/ waiting to descend upon us.

Dreamed I discovered I was adopted…by my birth parents.

The day I was born my mother had a birthday party for me and enjoyed it so much she put me up for adoption and adopted me herself so she could have another one without having to wait a whole year.

This was a big secret for some reason. All my siblings knew but had never told me or hinted at it, but my mother confessed in a moment of guilt. It was a bit confusing.

Also went to see a doctor. Public transportation is a lot more impressive, frightening, and dire in my dreams than it is in real life with lots of sparks flying and weird machines, or traintracks building themselves in the air. My doctor's office had moved, and I had to go to one highrise business fortress to the business office (staffed by clones of the doctor) to get access to the next highrise business fortress with the actual doctor's office in it. They made me lock my phone away so I couldn't take pictures and made me sign an agreement not to tell anyone where it was or what it was like inside.

(It was like an office building with much more swoopy and complicated doors and a lot more glare and darkness, like Ridley Scott built a bank.)

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so i've never done #introductions on this account

i'm catdad 👋 maybe you've seen me elsewhere on the fediverse. MAYBE NOT?

*attempts mysterious cape swoosh but just trips and falls face first*

ˡᵉᵗ'ˢ ᵖʳᵉᵗᵉⁿᵈ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ᵈⁱᵈⁿ'ᵗ ʰᵃᵖᵖᵉⁿ

i'm a software engineer. on this account you can probably expect to see:

- me wishing i were a #robot
- #writing some short/bad speculative fiction / cybrestories
- complaining about #computers
- wow #hashtags look so silly
- probably sometimes yelling about tech culture

oh forgot, for anybody new following that is *interested* in the bad #writing / #cybrestories (i'm inventing that hashtag right now, it's mine), here's a couple things I've posted before:

- "Critical Updates"
- "Mother"
- "Corrupted"
- "Delivery Charge"
- "Moon is lonely"

some are multi-part/threaded, so make sure you check for follow-ups in the replies

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