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Feel free to ask me to explain anything I say.

You can ask me to explain other things, too. I might not know the answer, but you can if you want to.

If I were a superhero my weakness would be explaining things. Lex Luthor would be able to rob a bank by sending a few schoolkids to ask me basic physics questions while he got away.

Moving to @azure . Got curious and tried it out and I /really/ like the UX of the front end, mostly for the layout font selection and color themes working better with my accessibility needs. And keyboard scrolling not being…uh…bad.

"Well goodbye! Have fun on the other side of this door!" is the best way to throw people out.

Strong language; Bad pun; Opinions on microbiome research 

I know the awfulness of mastodon search is intentional, but when I have a hard time finding the username of someone I actually follow because too many other people have the string I remember their name containing, it's a bit ridiculous.

transhumanism, immortality, shade (+) 

In 2001, Sonja Lang was going through a period of depression, and she created Toki Pona to help her through that. Her thinking was that by forcing Toki Pona speakers to use the strategically restricted vocabulary, they are encouraged to make more positive statements and really think through things before they speak. This mindfulness, combined with the cute-sounding vocabulary, can help speakers relax and let go of their ills.

#TokiPona #sona #anno2016

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Flesh is transitory, flesh is a prison, flesh instrument. Flesh can be repla…

Well, maybe one day. Then it'll have to behave or be out of a job.

Pain (−) might seem redundant, but then again when you working on a muscle and finally push into the right spot and it relaxes and suddenly everything is better that's definitely a Pain (+).

Pain (−) 

Also it's really annoying when you'd be happy to purchase something but it's out of print, yet it's also obscure enough no torrents seem to exist for it.

Having your configuration file just be a 'pickled' python object is some kinda' horrible.

I just found out David Warner took David McCallum's roll on the Big Finish Productions run of Sapphire and Steel.


Also since it's early Big Finish I expect it will be WEIRD compared to the show. And the show is already WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD.

I am happy every time I am reminded of the art of Louis Wain.

I love those psychedelic kitties.

There's something soul-sucking and immiserating about the form of technical debt that consists in unreliability and flakiness in testing apparatus. Either because code that break the test suite get merged anyway and allowed to stay forever, or because the test suite is just flakey and has nondeterministic bugs in it.

Well, this is annoying. I can move around and loosen my back up a bit, but it seems to tighten up again pretty soon whenever I settle into a position.


What does Aristophanes use to hook up his television set?

Brekekekex-koax-coaxial cable!

So I finally understand the phrase "one advantage of Racket's macro system is that macros can communicate". I never understood wtf that meant until today when going through and the section on syntax-local-value.

That's what it means, right there. That's how macros can communicate.


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