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And related to THAT:
"An abstract painting will react to you if you react to it. You get from it what you bring to it. It will meet you half way but no further. It is alive if you are. It represents something and so do you. YOU, SIR, ARE A SPACE, TOO." -- Ad Reinhardt, 1947

Sheesh. It took me two days of feeling stuffy and coughing and sneezing before I remembered I own an air purifier.

Why no one will ever hire me as a Humanist minister:

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today before the uncaring cosmos that sees not what we do, nor does it care. That bathes us in the light of a thousand stars that give us life for no particular reason. We are here to scream our impotent defiance against the absurdity of being by carrying out the sacrament of marriage.

(From a roleplay.)

Being a linguist means finding you've been making noises like a teakettle boiling over at work because you just noticed that you round your lips when pronouncing 'sh'.

And so the streets became unusable as every thoroughfare descended into a forever war between superhuman intellects bent on being artistic and grandiose wizards of filth and the Paladins of Cleanliness in shining array, anticipating their moves, adapting to their strategies, standing with an appendage waiting to snatch each piece of litter before it hits the ground.

Soon, both sides began to consume all resources of civilization, houses torn brick from brick, people bone from bone to create new collages of litter.

Metamaterials were engineered to be as hard to pick up as possible. Nanotech banana peels that deconstructed the trash receptacle they were placed in, causing it to explode into even more litter inspired greater, grander research projects to counter them…

Imagine a world of conscious, artificial beings made to enjoy cleaning bathrooms, picking up litter, or other unpleasant tasks.

Sitting. Slouching against the wall.

Because humans are just too clean. There's a little mess now and then, but nothing you can really get your heart and soul into. No filth to declare war on and annihilate.

(Perhaps humans used to be dirtier but seeing critters scurrying in to pick up anything they drop made them feel self-conscious about littering.)

Obviously, the only solution will be to create a subspecies of automata that enjoy littering in perverse, wild, and exuberantly creative ways.

@DC7IA I own multiple mobile devices that have unique phone numbers, making using services across them difficult if they are tied to that one number (like Signal).

Also, phone numbers are often administered by or are even property of govt organisations like Ofcom, BNetzA etc which creates potential problems of its own, depending on what purposes they are used for..

@vfrmedia Yepp. Why not make an international prefix that gets looked up in an online database and that number can be easily taken across countries or just forwarded?

Also, Signal is pretty good, only the requirement to use a phone number as the identifier is a bad choice.

I really hope that we can stop using phone numbers as universal identifiers soon. I don't want to have a number. I can be contacted via email (with GPG) and Telegram.

I know some people dislike the scope creep of systemd, but at least in the case of containers, it's made cgroups and namespaces widely used without them being shackled to a bogus distribution format.

Just because someone has made powerful enemies doesn't mean they can't also be terrible. We shouldn't accept terrible people just because they happen to piss off people we don't like.

Gosh darn it.

I am subscribed to your mailing list.

You have your own website.

So why would your mall direct me to a Medium post?

What is wrong with you?

This quote applies to so many situations in life, not just programming:

"Every great developer you know got there by solving problems they were unqualified to solve until they actually did it"

-- Patrick McKenzie

I know nobody else did, but I really liked Kings.

That kind of tonal dissonance appeals to me.

Between the snow and the streetlights it feels as bright as day outside at midnight.

Today in the adventures of 'no one but me reads my documentation', there are random lines of bad church latin invoking the protection of the machine spirit in our disaster recovery plan.

"Omnissiah defensionem calculandum apparatus. Chao superare potest. Custodiat te nostrae tergum consilium."

Circuits preserve us.

Dreamed that Thomas Malthus went to Australia and visiting the newly discovered continent full of life and expansion made him quite optimistic, so much so that he wrote a boomster manifesto about growth without limits.

UNFORTUNATELY, that caused the exact same kind of catastrophe that the book he didn't write caused. So he became a dark wizard, extending his life for hundreds of years and living in a flying castle, engaging in research while the world starved below so that, eventually, during the late 1980s he could steal the body and soul of Madonna and perform a mass sacrifice of the audience at a huge concert to ride the wave of life and emotional energy backward in time to prevent himself from going to Australia in the first place.

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