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(Giving the crocodiles rounded vowels when I said they couldn't have labials because their lips are...rather lacking and they always smile was also a bit of a gaff. But I don't mind it. I'll just claim it's an adaptation convention to allow humans to imagine their speech, and their vowels actually just take advantage of having a lot more in the way of back/front range.)

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At this point Pee-Wee Herman is going 'IF YOU LOVE THE GENITIVE SO MUCH WHY DON'T YOU MARRY IT?"

And the agent thing probably makes this an actual /bug/. It would probably the MAJOR thing I'd change if syntax weren't frozen.

In retrospect I wish I'd used locative absolute instead of genitive absolute. It would be more harmonious with other uses of locative (things/topics thought about) and genitive is a bit overloaded since we have genitive of separation, genitive of possession, genitive absolute, genitive of agent in passive voice (which makes passive voice genitive absolute constructs ...well...less useful than one would like), genitive of authority, partitive genitive, comparitive genitive...

(Of course now that I've /started playing/ I'm not allowed to change the syntax or semantics or any words at all, though I can add words.)

For Conlang Roleplay, I kept two giant randomized lists of unassigned possible words (one monosyllabic and one disyllabic) so I could have morphologically correct names available on tap. I was expecting to need to create new vocabulary words on demand, too, but I didn't have to this session.

Welcome to is a public XMPP & Jabber server. We make a opensource decentralized alternative to #WhatsApp, #Telegram, #Viber. #XMPP can transfer files, there are several ways to encrypt messages and encrypt group chat.

This language is ending up with a lot of adverbs.

Also no prepositions. I love when you have much more functional use of case structure and prepositions are effectively adverbs.

(Walked the house-toward inly rather than walked into the house.)

And now I have to create a single-use conlang between now and a roleplay tomorrow at 22:00.

To make it easier for myself and my players I think I'm going to keep it /small/ (start with a list of a hundred common words) and regular (except the copula. Copula's never regular.)

And ergative-absolutive BECAUSE I CAN.

On the plus side, this Implicit Attitude Test claims that my unconscious is three times as happy as average.

On the minus side, I kind of suggest that implicit attitude tests are ...not very good at much.

I'm always amused when I remember that NIMH is a thing that actually exists.

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I was thinking 'I should drink tea Grandpa style more often, it's less trouble than gongfu' and then I realized "No it's not!"

Once I've already committed to bringing my kettle over to my desk pulling the tray out and doing things properly isn't THAT much more trouble.

(Washing all the equipment afterwards is really the only burdensome part, and that's not even that burdensome.)

It seems like it ought to be possible to do a really good cover of Thunderstruck, but apart from 2cellos (and they don't count what with not having vocals), nobody seems to have ever done so.

Prog folk is...well, okay, it's not SURPRISINGLY good. It's about as good as I expected, what with me liking prog rock.

Well, not even that liberal considering the rampant bigotry against cyborgs and genetic engineering.

So forget liberal.

Ultra-reactionary, non-democratic technocracy.