I am thoroughly enjoying reading the Toki Pona book. That the language so obviously has an agenda isn't bad, and has the nice effect of highlighting the non-neutrality of other languages.

The way the author uses the word 'natural' is mildly enraging. That they think simplicity is good and naturalness is good does not make their simplicity any less of an artifice.

Oh, wow. Brutaldon is rather nice. It even works in w3m.

(No way to clear notifications that I've found.)

But this is a lot nicer than the various text-mode clients I've tried.

Also, while I like Arch, the way AUR packages tend to break is making me nostalgic for Debian again.

I am really sick of having packages randomly break because a library they depended on got upgraded and the dependency information was incomplete or something.

(Though what I'd really like is a Debian that just went all-in with systemd instead of having the awful compromise kludge they ended up with. Ironically, as silly as I think Devuan is, I might prefer it just to avoid the kludge.)

If you want some #DRMFree stuff, there's always Project Gutenberg Canada :PublicDomain: 🇨🇦


My phone has taken to aggressively deciding it has no sim card whenever I move from an area with Wi-Fi to one without. Or turn off Wi-Fi. The only way to stop this seems to be to just turn Wi-Fi off and reboot and leave it off. I'm getting tempted to hurl it into a dumpster.

@hhardy01 Indeed I did. And indeed it is, at least certain flavors. There is what you might call cognitive empathy which has more to do with theory of mind and reasoning about people's feelings and isn't directly related to whether you have compassion for them or not.

Then there's the low level amygdala-driven feeling distress at another's pain, and this is pretty much 'an emotion' and not really very reliable as a guide to action since it's subsumed by ones prejudices and ideas about desert.

To be fair there /are/ some criticisms of even an ideal, functioning meritocracy. The term was coined for just such a one and their critique, that it would become a hereditary ruling class that 'knows' it deserves to rule is worth grappling with, though to my mind that has more to do with the dangers of not having the highest quality schools and other opportunities available to all. And buying into the mythical Calculus of Human Deserts.

On the one hand, I kind of wish we had more metadata fields.

On the other I know myself well enough to suspect I'd come up with all kinds of silly things to put in them to fill up any number we had, so it's probably a good thing we don't.

Looking for places to buy DRM-free e-books on this International Day Against DRM?

Here's 100+ bookshops that sell fantastic books without DRM.



I've been thinking of making a more serious effort to find Lojbananas to talk to, but all these people Toki Poning on my timeline are making me kind of tempted to pick up Toki Pona. (After all, it's small, there isn't a GIGANTIC VOCABULARY standing poised to flatten you beneath the weight of memorization.)

I wonder if I could get away with writing 'werman' for male human, 'woman' for female human, and 'man' for gender unspecified/irrelevant human when writing Anglish. It would be closer to the original meanings.

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I feel more proud than I should about calling it 'Global Wyrding' when a mad, broken machine for editing timelines only allowed realities to happen where the polar region was bright and warm and suitable for agriculture and the people living in about about a thirty mile radius of the pole were quite happy with no other optimization criteria.

If you scrape all the corn off the cob you’re decompiling the kernel

…also I still want to see an animated version of the "If we fight like animals, we'll die like animals!" scene where the doctor is a mongoose and the master is a panther.

I love Paul McGann and Sylvester McCoy for many reasons.

Among them is their ability to suffer.

As a hedonic consequentialist I am required to oppose suffering.

But when they say things like "The Master wants to take all my remaining lives... SO THAT HE WILL LIVE AND I WILL DIE! NOOOOOO!!" I can't help but enjoy it.

Of course everyone knows that martens are made of martensite.

Just like wolves are made from wolfram (except their tongues which are made from tungsten.)

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