It would be a lot easier to experiment if I had more privacy.

dream, kink 

Had a dream about a giant woman sitting on a building

I need to try to do some experimenting tomorrow.

Opinion: Employee happiness is an objectively better metric of company success than profits, which are actually a trailing indicator at best.

Employees don't have to be coerced into understanding how paid bills and food on their table contribute to happiness. Employees who understand how their contributions directly impact their own income can make the inference. If the connection between an employee's work and their happiness isn't clear, then the intrinsic value of that work is in far greater doubt than the worthiness of the employee and their effort.

lewd, sexuality 

Liking dicks still makes me grey-ace, right?

Hold on. Gonna look for a demon girl avatar in VR Chat.

Wondering when my boy mood will happen again.

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