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"will suda51 and swery 65 do the fusion dance and become sudery116?"
- MrArkannoyed on a stream

"[Researchers] Fu and Ptáček have now identified a new gene mutation associated with short sleepers ... The mutation is rare; only one in 4 million people has it. ... For insomniacs or people who can’t get enough sleep, it could help researchers eventually develop medications that help them maximize the benefits of the little sleep they can get."

What is it in the Seattle psychescape that's screwing with everyone (even me) emotionally this week?

Hi @Rich_Graham - I'm not comfortable with random follows. Could you introduce yourself and explain why you're following and what you do?

Food, the fall of the house of Joyfish 

Washington State will begin issuing identification with "X" in the gender field on November 12!

What if in the future they named space ships after weed strains :thaenkin:

And here's everyone else's!
(The orange and white ring is one I made earlier.)

TFW your phantom tail points in a different direction of the tail you're wearing

Its not so much that I wish I could draw - I wish I could visualize my own unique style with any sort of aesthetics as its pillars.

I love it when musicians take, like, four different styles, play them together, and it all just works:

Designing schools for potential shootings 

Sewing, surgery reference 

Sex, abuse reference 

Codependent dream, kidnapping, isolation, sex 

really tho, you're beautiful

yes, you

you might not see it when you look in the mirror, but you are beautiful

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