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"will suda51 and swery 65 do the fusion dance and become sudery116?"
- MrArkannoyed on a stream


Fox has gained an age! New tail coming in when?

"[Researchers] Fu and Ptáček have now identified a new gene mutation associated with short sleepers ... The mutation is rare; only one in 4 million people has it. ... For insomniacs or people who can’t get enough sleep, it could help researchers eventually develop medications that help them maximize the benefits of the little sleep they can get."

What is it in the Seattle psychescape that's screwing with everyone (even me) emotionally this week?

Hi @Rich_Graham - I'm not comfortable with random follows. Could you introduce yourself and explain why you're following and what you do?

Food, the fall of the house of Joyfish 

Once upon a time in a strip mall far far away there was a lovely Chinese restaurant called Joyfish that served all manner of trout, grouper, and other fish in your choice of sauce. (Some sauces were better than others.) Like all Seattle restaurants who are loved, it inexplicably closed. It was then subsequently reborn as Hey Ming, and, hey, don't go there. Really. There's plenty of good places across Aurora from it.
The food's decent, I guess, and horribly overpriced, but the experience of being there...
So @Kyresti and I roll up and eventually get a seat. The menu was an IPad with all the relevant buttons in Chinese and I had no idea whether I had actually placed an order once I pressed the ones the wait staff said to press. Well it turned out, no, I didn't, but we had to flag down another waiter to find this out.
So it was during our wait for our food that we realized the dinner theme, an old 40s jazz tune, was in fact, on auto-repeat and we'd be hearing it for the rest of the night.
We were presented with a crab we didn't order as a waiter mistook which table we were. First my dinner came out. I think it took 15 minutes for Kyresti's. Food was meh. We speculated this place had been handed down to a family member who didn't know how to run a restaurant.
Anyhow, don't go there.

Washington State will begin issuing identification with "X" in the gender field on November 12!

My cat is trying to figure out how to kill me -and- still get fed.

What if in the future they named space ships after weed strains :thaenkin:

TFW your phantom tail points in a different direction of the tail you're wearing

Its not so much that I wish I could draw - I wish I could visualize my own unique style with any sort of aesthetics as its pillars.

I love it when musicians take, like, four different styles, play them together, and it all just works:

Designing schools for potential shootings 

A good video essay asking if it is possible to design a space, such as a school, to mask the potential violence that can occur in it (so students won't come into the space always thinking "this is a space in which I could be shot") - using examples from videogames that have done exactly that:

Sewing, surgery reference 

I don't like sewing my tail because I don't like putting a needle in and out of something that feels like one of my limbs. I suppose I can think of it as having anesthetic but still...

Sex, abuse reference 

Good sex and abuse are not mutually exclusive.

Codependent dream, kidnapping, isolation, sex 

I had a dream I would desperately like to write up into a longer piece of media. I feel codependent on this dream - that it does not respect me and I would do its bidding anyway.

A strong superpowered man was kidnapping people, myself included, to work against an unnamed threat. We were isolated at first, and slowly our own abilities manifested. I was a psychic and stopped this one person from doing something bad by inducing strong orgasms in him. Our kidnapper had a fae friend who I asked to have sex with. The fae explained they wouldn't love me and I said, I understood and that was fine. While we fucked, I felt I was in a palace where only they and I existed. I was pining for them but they were only there half the time. It was intense and lasted decades. I became old and when we stopped fucking after a few hours, my mind still felt like I'd experienced all those decades.
Eventually our captor allowed us contact with the outside world, where we explained that yes, he was holding us, but we were willingly working with him against the particular threat he'd taken us for.
Of course the dream ended before we'd made much progress. There were dozens of us with unique abilities and I got to experience several of them as the third person narrator.

Capitalism does not distinguish between those who are genuinely interested in the work they do, and those (typically spectrum) who just can't stop a task until it is completed despite the health costs.

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