Sexuality thoughts 

In all things, every night is different. Some nights, libidos are at their peak but either everyone's busy, your wants don't entirely gel with your partner's, or too much else is going on to get completely in the mood.
Things come up. Bodies act contrary to libidos. Libidos act contrary to bodies. You've seen a partner too often to spark the lust of not having seen them in a while. You're having to rebuild trust with someone you don't see often every time you get together. You wonder what other partners might think.
You don't want to think. You want to be fucked until there is nothing in you but fuck but your mind just won't. Let. Go.
Your body takes sensations differently every day. A touch here does it for you every day but not today. Why. Frustration mounts. A song creeps into your head and won't leave. Your lover isn't fucking you right.
Or everything is going fine. Their touch is needed and welcomed. And it's fine. They taste good. You nibble and suck and demand more. And it's fine. It's decent indecent sex. It's preferable to a night with an edible. Tonight you found the baseline. Congratulations.
Or there you are, collared and tied and damn it, you won't fall.
But you'll remember the nights everything comes together. Rare but so satisfying.
Every night is different.

re: Sexuality thoughts 

@Aradia every night is different, but with the potential to be a wonderful time anyway

Sexuality thoughts 

@Aradia your words are very good words.

Sexuality thoughts 

@Aradia so good and damn do I feel so much about these thoughts.

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