Daedalus: Now remember, child, you must not fly too close to the sun, lest your wings melt and hurl you to the earth.

Icarus: Sorry, I was thinking about Hellshake Yano.

@hystericempress ... what is Hellshake Yano and why does it command the attention of so many?


@Soreth @hystericempress Offhand reference made during LRR's latest Road Quest video. Bon mot du jour.

@Aradia @hystericempress I caught that in RoadQuest, but, like, what's the deeper reference? I went searching and saw it was a thing, and some kind of home, but not what it meant

@Soreth @orrery @Aradia Yeah, the reference itself doesn't mean anything on its own; it's more a shorthand for 'I was thinking about something completely inane and distracting.'

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