An important part of growing up is accepting the memes you and your friends found funny as kids may have been hurtful of others or exploitative of their work.
Having problematic faves is normal! But you should understand and accept why they are problematic.

@Aradia Hooo boy. Yeah. *Looks at pile of 80s comedies I watched in high school that would make me cringe through the floor if I watched again*

*Looks at D&D novel collection and all the problematic examined things in it.

*Looks at James Bond, just all of it*


@Aradia i cringe at myself when i randomly remember the things i liked in the past

@KitRedgrave @Aradia I feel like I need to do penance for liking W40K while being unable to name just about any aspect of it that isn't problematic in some way...

Never given Games Workshop any money though

@KitRedgrave @Aradia Wait, I might have given them $1 in a humble bundle

@Canageek @KitRedgrave @Aradia There's nothing wrong with most of WH40K. Orks are good wholesome fun with mushroom boys. Eldar are peak pretentious immortal jerks and have an entire division of murder clowns. There's a bunch of natural lifeforms doing what they do; it's not their fault parasitic wasps are a thing.

It's just the Humans that suck. Only run them as the villains and it's fine.

@KitRedgrave @Aradia Not to mention sometimes when one gets entangled with old communities of toxicity, and having to disentangle from that...

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