Still wondering how the cishets do polyamory.

@Aradia I mean, I'm about to read a book on that but I've heard some podcasts and thought I was bi until um, I think I just past my 1 month anniversary if you want to hear me comment?

@Aradia I mean, just because you don't want to have sex with someone doesn't mean you don't love them, right? So like, I could totally see myeslf getting up, seeing my metamore and giving them a hug and pouring cereal while they make coffee after we had sex with the other members of the polycule.

I mean, this is the normal version of poly I hear when listening to what is poly podcasts and mentions on the radio I stuff. Quads and trios and things.

@Aradia ...I'm trying to come up with an explanation other than "the guys date women and the like and the girls date men and the like", but I'm kind of lost as to what's confusing you about that in the first place.

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