I do not want to be free. I want to be dependent on the love of others. I want a community that cares for itself, and builds and maintain infrastructure for itself and those around it. I want to chain myself to a constructed society based on mutualism and empathy and scream, no, you cannot take this from us. We are not lonely creatures in the wilderness. We are a stronger force bonded together.

@Aradia I just want to be able to live, and love, and create without having to bare my throat to the gnashing maw of capitalism to see if it deigns to spare me for another day.

@Aradia I’m big on mutual aid and empathy but I have a visceral distrust of making survival dependent on love and community. Which is only to say, I think, that utopia needs to have room for both of us.

@Aradia The saddest thing about the way history has gone is this thing you described is exactly what Christianity as a whole is *supposed* to be like.

@Aradia i felt like this for a minute in-between not knowing anyone at all and then meeting lots of people who would end up hurting me

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