Squeeing uncontrollably that Doom Patrol is getting a second season.

⭐️Hi, I'm Roxy, and this is my game Shield Cat! It's about an otter who spins really fast! If you want to play a prototype build just like the one in the video FOR FREE, please click the link! You can also find out more about the game there on my main page

Hey so yesterday's bug just inexplicably went away when I opened GMS2 this morning, only to be replaced with another inexplicable bug. I figure its GMS2's problem, not my code's.

So in my KYLM battle system prototype, I got my first bug which is so utter confounding that I'm probably never going to fix it and just work around it for the rest of the project.

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It turns out, coding is 90% architecting and 10% implementation.
@mmsword : "It is except for those times where it's 90% architecting and 90% implementation."

TIL the term "marshal" original meant "groom" i.e. someone who cared for horses rather than someone of military rank. (It includes the term "mare".)

I made a video essay about how Outer Wilds uses gameplay to convey its theme!

The World is Always Ending: Outer Wilds (video essay, spoilers) [15:05]

I'm really proud of this, y'all.

Lewd tech idea 

I just want a Batman movie where the Joker is a queer furry anarchist trans person who just wants to make a commune with Harley and the rest of their polycule and is trying to dismantle the harmful power structures of Gotham so they can spend time using their vast imagination to make creative endeavors for the benefit of all people instead of wasting it on capitalist work.

I am ecstatic that healthy relationships are so socially encouraged now that comedians aren't doing "take my wife please" variant jokes anymore.

Ah yes, day job, my old nemesis. You break my rest yet again.

Researchers please make a metric-taking system called Mother Hen that determines if the majority of a manager's responses are regarding nitpicky minutiae and not on streamlining systems for employees to get their actual work done send toot

#gamedev work today 

Lewd story idea 

@roxy Hi! Fellow Gamemaker dev. I'm planning my next project (Windows only, card RPG game like my current one) to use a 16:9 aspect ratio. Do you recommend I build art assets for a 720p, 900p, or 1080p final rendered screen?
I ask because it sounds like you're building for a 1080p screen?

I saw a guy wipe out on his Lime bike at the bottom of the hill near the Roosevelt / Northgate Way intersection. He was pinned under the bike so I got it off him and stayed with him for a bit. I didn't speak his language so I could only check on his condition so much but he got up on his own and his leg didn't seem to be bleeding.
No idea whether the bike had locked up on him or not.

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