Seattle has less booty calls and more booty party lines.

Forgive me, but the Washington Driver's License mascot looks like Ignignokt from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Sometimes I need to watch two musicals and that time was tonight.

Lewd story, rough sex 

The 2019 Ig Nobel winners are out! 

asking for help, money, boostsokay 

#gamedev Back to the drawing board 

Creepy dudes perving 

seeking resources for young seattle transfolks. 

How to make chords do the most beautiful and unseemly of things.

To my ear, level 4 is pretty dang spicy. And then, by 7, we're on the other side of the looking glass.

"The 7 Levels of Jazz Harmony" -- Adam Neely [13:11]

Gamedev bad news - better news 

Gamedev bad news 

Gamedev KYLM Progress for this Afternoon 

I do not want to be free. I want to be dependent on the love of others. I want a community that cares for itself, and builds and maintain infrastructure for itself and those around it. I want to chain myself to a constructed society based on mutualism and empathy and scream, no, you cannot take this from us. We are not lonely creatures in the wilderness. We are a stronger force bonded together.

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