COVID has driven the queer folks inside for too long. We have gone where the cis will not see us. We are not at their bars, in their sex clubs, at their parades, dancing, laughing, and looking like *us*.

Fuck that shit.

Opportunities are coming and by gods we will work for them.

Hey everyone - announcing that @Ratttz has put out a new breakcore album called Workhorse and it goes *places*

@Ratttz received homemade vegan bon bons from a friend! I had the caramel, and it was amazing.

Shaggy, Baggy, and Craggy Game Design

Shaggy Design
A shaggy game design is one that forces the player to experience wildly varying systems and gameplay along the journey of the game. Rather than the smooth predictability of an elegantly cohesive experience, a shaggy game is jagged and perhaps even shocking. It’s less of a smooth ‘arc’ or power curve, and more of a wild ride.
Ex. Nier Automata

Baggy Design
A baggy game design is one that has a wide, some might even say excessive breadth of systems. Imagine a pair of cargo pants, each pocket brimming with goodies. It not only allows the player to wander off the critical gameplay path, but rewards doing so, and in fact the player might forget what the supposedly “core” gameplay was at all.
Ex. GTA, Yakuza

Craggy Design
Craggy design is one that has surprising, some might even say excessive depth of systems. Imagine you’re walking along a mountain pass, pretty sure you know where you’re going, stepping over small gullies, when you take a moment to look into a gully and realize it plunges down into a crevasse. Do you dare to follow it to the bottom? Will you ever make it back to the trail?
Ex. Breath of the Wild

Dismantling elitism in art, for good and ill, AVClub link 

"Postmodernism has ridden the culture into its current state, in which the former elite control of art has ceded to the collective populist notion of art being essentially equivalent to media: Because anything—film, TV shows, podcasts, mixtapes, pop-up stores—can be art, it’s easier to just let go of the reins and allow that everything is art. ...
Two main currents have risen to dominance in media during the 21st century as a result: 1) the demolishing of previous standards of elitism (often racist, sexist, and classist) via a mentality often loosely called “poptimism”; and 2) a broader cultural bias against elitism in any guise, fostered in part by a decades-long culture war waged by the right. The two ideas are entwined, but they’re far from the same. The first is, more or less, a very good thing; the second, not so much. And it needs to be challenged. "


Once again, work calls me from my slumber to lands where even caffeine has little power.

LoadingReadyRun, blood, comedy
CAM's Tremiere vampire character curiously licks blood.
JACOB (GM): I'm going to give you one opportunity not to do that.
CAM: Is that really bad?
JACOB (GM): Let's find out. Please roll a Frenzy check.
CAM: How do I do that?
JACOB (GM): Cool.

Hey, does anyone have contacts at Square (the company)? I have a friend interviewing there who could use more contacts.

Cyberpunk games you can play instead of the terrible one:
Diary of a Spaceport Janitor
Umurangi Generation
Neo Cab
Quadrilateral Cowboy
Anything by @silverspookgames

And lots, lots more in this thread:

Lewd thought 

We need more words
For scent
For musk
For the drippings of desire from a fantasy or a very good night
For the full range of oceans contained within my beloved
For how my cunt
Smells this morning

Your feeble technology cannot defeat the ingenuity of Dr. Squirrel.

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