I'd take a Victims of War Day, that'd be fair! But let's be honest. If you didn't shoot a gun, and war killed you, today's *deliberately* not about you - and that's *unspeakable*.

Remember that tomorrow, Mercury will move in transit directly between the sun and the earth:
"on November 11, our solar system's smallest planet will appear as a small black dot gliding across the face of the Sun. During this rare astronomical event, called a transit, Mercury’s orbit passes directly between Earth and the Sun, similar to a solar eclipse. ... Mercury will begin crossing onto the Sun at around 7:36 a.m. EST before exiting the solar disk at around 1:04 p.m. EST."

There will be many livestreams.

Tonight!! Deck boxes going up for giveaway on Desert Bus! desertbus.org/prize/46
(Better image gallery including progress: photos.app.goo.gl/bzUcnDnzSFoc)
Bonus for my trans peeps: If you enter for this giveaway, let me know; I'll be doing a drawing of my own for a FULLY CUSTOM box.

#gamedev Today's work - transitions 

-- opens fox muzzle, tongue emerges and contorts in a typical Yap waveform --

Card game with two teams, each a group of kids in the town's Xmas pageant - one team trying to pull it off in spite of everything, and one team trying to wreck it because fuck Xmas. 

An important part of growing up is accepting the memes you and your friends found funny as kids may have been hurtful of others or exploitative of their work.
Having problematic faves is normal! But you should understand and accept why they are problematic.

So I did this song long ago when I was kinda depressed... 

Seattle Area: Do you need a very cheap (manual transmission) car in good condition? :boost_ok: 

Silly sex poem 

Things said in the House of Foxes 

:opens fox muzzle, closes fox muzzle, emits clear yap as if muzz was open:

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