Article on why looking at buildings may give some people headaches 

"[Research] models show that when the brain processes images that depart from the rule of nature, the activity of the nerve cells is increased, and becomes less sparsely distributed. In other words, such images take more effort for the brain to process."

I now have my official certification of my WFRness which I'm sure absolutely no one will check unless it's a job requirement.

Battleship, the 2012 movie, featured gratuitous AC/DC riffs, CCR's "Fortunate Son" (an antiwar song), but not one bar of the Village People's "In the Navy".

Neighborhood mother: Gives out crappy apples on Halloween

Visiting children: ...

Visiting children: You don't have to participate in an event if you disagree with its core assumptions.

I have come to the realization that I cannot abide french toast made from thick (over 1 in) slices of bread.

Guns, leftists 

Highly recommend today's "It Could Happen Here" podcast, which is a discussion about the use of firearms. ~45 mins of content

"We sit down with Paul, a reformed cop who volunteered as security for the Tenacious Unicorn Ranch, about buying and training with firearms."

After a couple weeks of getting up at ~6AM, sleeping in is weird, y'all.

Wouldn't it be a nice shock if fair use had some money behind it?

It is the day of skating birbs, in the new game Skatebird! You're a lil bird on a skateboard and when you get air, you go flappy-flap with your wings! It's adorable.

Strong Karen energy 

So what if all the Karens got together and made a band called "Karen Karen and the Next Door Neighbors" and they did songs like:
🎵 RV on the street
Kids can't have fun
That's why I dial
Operator picks up
Perky as a tanager
I go "I wanna
Talk to your manager." 🎵

Repost - The Big Gay Space Commune Filk 

[Reposting since the profile on which I originally posted this is deleted]

🎶 To the tune of The Big Rock Candy Mountain 🎶

In the big gay spa-ace commune
Capitalism's dead
We frolic every day and night
And everyone is fed.
We orbit round the planet
In synchronicity
You can draw and play
O'er a single day
'Cause its only ninety minutes
Til the next's away
In the big gay spa-ace commune.

In the big gay spa-ace commune.
Your money's no good here
We trade in art and company
And all of us are queer.
You'll always have a bed tonight
And your medications' stocked.
You can smoke or rest
Round the hookah blessed
You can toke it if you wanna
And you'll be impressed
In the big gay spa-ace commune.

In the big gay spa-ace commune.
There's simulated meat
There's Infused Absinthe for your thirst
And toys if you're in heat.
Don't worry 'bout your avatar
You can change as you desire.
Ev'ry day's a con.
In a dance, you'll spawn.
You can your friends about it
On the Mastodon
In the big gay spa-ace commune.

Nude, eye contact, promoting fat bodies, Spock from Star Trek 

A reminder that Leonard Nimoy (Spock from Star Trek) made a book of photographs showing fat folks as hot and erotic to combat stigma:

This is a plea to all YouTubers and podcasters that when you manually move a piece of dialogue, I'm begging you to actually listen to what you did before punching the render button. I know you don't want the audience to get bored but talkingveryfastwithoutpauses sounds surprisingly unnatural when a slight pause would make the whole thing sound much more seemless to the average ear.

I've made a video about the 1992 Taito arcade title "Riding Fight" as a metaphor for being a leftist in 2021:

Sylvester Stallone never got to fight in Viet Nam, despite his numerous fanfics.

"There just aren't enough powerful sounding words in the English language for every company to use," says Acti-Blizzard EA spokesbeing. "It's Guardians this and Warriors that and everyone's got an Karma Arbalest in their titles."

Hello Friday.
Time is an illusion generated by jobs.
Someday we will be free of it.

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