I just want a drawing program with a smooth pen and the ability to copy/paste/tile a texture quickly but apparently such a thing does not exist. :(

I did not realize I'd made a fateful bargain with that pizza, eating it in exchange for requiring copious amounts of ice water at 3 AM.

A gentle suggestion for newer trans folks 

Wishing we got more games that took writing as seriously as Morrowind.

Custodians represent!
People who clean up after you
Are part of the office too!

Lewd lyrics 

I was at Safeway when a couple in a van rolled this out the side, drove off, and left it in the parking lot.

I want nothing to do what passes for 'normal' in this society.

Stick that shit on a T-shirt but the emotion is real.

The more I shitpost, the less I have to go to work. I'm pretty sure that's how it works.

Oblig Star Wars Take 

I put the Uno Draw 4s in my poker deck in case I need a little help.

cannabis science, I made something excellent 

Birdsite, challenging roleplaying idea 

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