Your feeble technology cannot defeat the ingenuity of Dr. Squirrel.

Household dinner tonight! 

We're having a group dinner tonight!
I made spinach lasagna.
@Ratttz made Cornish game hens.
@SangriaSnake made cheesy mashed potatoes.
Also I made a Jefferson Starship pie for dessert and @SangriaSnake brought a Sweet Potato pie.

I dreamed about delivering poke pizza only to wake up and discover its a real thing.

Blessed are we who can out-magic transphobes, out-match nationalists by the bonds of our communities, and laugh hate away through our love for one another.

re: Police brutality, GoFundMe for trans victim, you can send him cards 

Kel is off intubation and is accepting cards via his law firm. You can mail them to:

Kel Murphy Duford
C/O Cedar Law
1001 4th Ave #4400
Seattle, WA, 98154

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Police brutality, GoFundMe for trans victim 

Kel Murphy Duford was violently arrested by Seattle Police last night and is currently intubated but conscious. He could use help with his medical bills while he recovers and participates in a lawsuit against SPD.

Past generations would never understand that today we all share a certain skill - the ability to figure out what someone meant to say when their autocorrecter got in the way.

Uspol, victories, birdsite links 

Here are some victories from last night.

Sarah McBride became the first openly transgender Senator for Delaware.

Florida overwhelmingly passed the $15 minimum wage law.

Arizona, New Jersey, Montana and South Dakota legalized recreational marijuana.

Oregon just passed Measure 109, which legalizes psilocybin mushrooms. As well as Measure 110, which reclassifies drug possession offenses to lesser violations resulting in a $100 fine or a completed health assessment.

Happy Super Spooky Day. :awoo:
Is spookier.
No, spookier than that.
Seriously its a blue Hunter's moon with an extra hour tonight.

Another selfie because I feel self conscious about the last one 

Feelin' kinda stylish now

Impromptu car on the selfie train 

Who just got up from a nap?

Seattle medical collective needs your help! 

Pink Umbrella Medical Collective is a volunteer based non-profit focused on providing mobile and stationary teams for protests, educational classes, mental health and crisis support, protest injury follow-up in and around unceded Duwamish territory.

Unfortunately, over the weekend their storage unit was broken into and many of their supplies were lost. If you have the means, please consider donating. They appreciate the continued support of our community!


Examples from other threads:

Boons for me:
* "New Project" - Enemies affected all stop for a period of time while ideas flood into their heads and, if left alone, will construct even more deadlier (or useless but cool) weapons

* "All Know Each Other" - Player shouts the name of someone in an enemy's polycule (or someone they met at an orgy) and the enemy goes "Oh gods damn it" and has to awkwardly stare at you for the rest of the fight

* "Old Ass Podcast" - Player starts recording enemy actions and then a minute later plays them back until the enemy is too embarrassed to keep fighting

* "Madstones" - Player inflicts ADHD and Bipolar status effects on enemy, leaving them confused on how to handle their new mindscape while the player operates fine, having figured this out long ago

* "Muffins" - Player produces a variety of baked treats which the enemy must partake in.

Boons for my family:
* "Make Foolish" - Doom damage over time makes enemy look sillier and sillier until their health depletes

* "Let's You And Him Fight!" - Enemy distracted by other enemies and starts bickering until they start fighting one another

* "3030" - Everyone stops fighting, smokes weed, and the game turns into a visual novel debate simulator

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Well I've been posting a crapload of these all day so I want to ask you - if you were a god in Hades (the video game), what would be your boons?

So if there were a musical called "Foxes" it would have an amazing trailer, you'd buy your ticket to see it, go in the theater, and we'd already be gone with your cash.

This is my latest cross-stitch project - this time for @mmsword ! It took about 3 months on and off and I'm so pleased with how it turned out!

Hey, I'm glad to know y'all. We're going to have to know a lot more other queer people in the coming years. Don't be afraid to say hi to new folks.

:opens fox muzzle:
:theater lights flash reminding patrons that the show will continue in five minutes:

Someone write a R&B, punk, hip hop, or metal concept album about visiting museums because you never hear anything but classical music boosting museum visits.

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