Radon Journal Issue #2 is out!
It's an anarchist, dystopian, transhuman, science fiction prose and poetry journal with some dope stories and poems in it.

Perhaps, consider eliminating the rich from your society because it is extremely difficult to extract wealth from them.
Unlike ordinary citizens, for them, wealth goes in and does not come out.

Every person needs a place to live.
Every person needs the freedom to work on their own projects, without the mandate to have a job.
These are not negotiable.

Being homeless is many struggles at once. It is the struggle to get the things you need done with the services available, and the struggle against those who feel bad seeing you who will *pay others* to harass you, watch you while you sleep, and steal your shit to make you go away.

Even after you have a place to live, people are not as vibrant as they could ne without the agency to pursue their own agendas.

Universal housing, UBI.

Episodes of Not a Drop to Drink Season 2 are dropping every day. I feel like LRR are truly blessing us. Here's the playlist

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Point: Nobody deserves to be shouted at.
Counterpoint: Minorities who have been stolen from, sometimes for generations, are entitled to their rage.

Yo, the LoadingReadyRun Twitch channel has started to play Not a Drop to Drink Series 2 - Session 0. If you listened to the last season of Not A Drop to Drink, this is a big deal.


Do Baphomets accept mammograms as a replacement for pentagrams for summoning?

Trolling - only cute when Frank Zappa was doing it, and only when it was pointed up.

Every writer's circle ever 

"Hi everyone. I'm Betsy and I'm an author."
"Betsy, that's terrible. When did you first start?"
"It was in my teens when I got my first short story in an anthology. And it was shortly after that when I got hooked on likes from Goodreads."
*mumblemumble* *murmurmurmur*
"We've all been there, Betsy. Go on."
"At first it was just being in a four star anthology. And then I read a review that mentioned my story. And it said it was.... okay."
*discontented grunts*
"Now, Betsy, you kept chasing that dragon anyway, yes?"
"... Yes. I searched for myself on Google. On Twitter. I kept submitting. God. I couldn't stop myself. The worst was when I didn't even get a rejection letter. But I had to keep writing. It was just me and the page and my heart ripped clean from my chest every weekend, bloodying the walls as I struggled to make myself understood."
"Do you need a hug, Betsy?"
"No I fucking need another hit of it. I'm going to read you the next three thousand words of my Owl Princess/ Infinity Train fanfic romance and when I'm done, I want you to slather my boots with your tongues in awe of the divine providence I have revealed to you."
"Hang on, Betsy. It'll be okay. Someone will get the methadone for you."

Copyright, Public Domain, and Letting it All Loose 

On the subject of making copyrighted works public domain after a reasonable (30 years or so) amount of time, many people say that they trust a work in the hands on a single entity that will work to preserve the work (such as a trust). For example, Lord of the Rings.

And I'm like, no way. Having collective ownership of a published thing is *good*. You can do whatever the fuck you want to Sherlock Holmes and anything Lovecraft wrote now. So what if some major media studio makes a show or movie out of a property, some kids on TikTok can represent the work better. Look at the indie scene in video gaming that better represents the spirit behind, say, Sonic the Hedgehog than anything Sega themselves put out.

Saw Prey (2022). Highly recommend. Watched it in Comanche but it was originally filmed in English.
Only CW I found was a lot of gruesome deaths, including one of a coyote. (The hero's dog is fine.)

tl;dr - Predator hunts people in the 1700s, the heroes are from the Comanche nation


Music nonsense, Scritti Politti, Marxism 

TIL about Scritti Politti, an 80s New Wave act who got their start as a hardcore Marxist band:
"[Their name was] a homage to the Italian Marxist writer and political theorist Antonio Gramsci."
"[The band] exhibited an explicit do-it-yourself attitude, which manifested itself in their hand-made record sleeves with detailed breakdowns of production costs, including addresses and phone numbers of record pressing plants, and their own Camden squat address for feedback. They even produced a booklet called "How To Make A Record", which was ... aimed to be a comprehensive guide to recording and releasing a record for aspiring indie artists, based on Scritti Politti's personal experience of putting out their first three singles independently, plus extra research they'd done on the subject.""
However "[In the 1980s] Green [lead songwriter] had also abandoned the strict Marxist philosophy of the early Scritti Politti ideas and recordings, saying that "a lot of the very oppositional politics that we'd been involved in lost their appeal and credibility for me. I rejected the principles of that, what was monolithical Marxism. ... Plus I was bored shitless with the noise we were making.""

Vidyagame recommendation 

Highly recommending Hohokum as a chill fuck-around-and-find-out game. It has no instructions and it's all about experimentation to figure out what you need to do. It's also acid trippy as heck.


I find it wild that there were no 2001 (film) memes in 2001.

What does A.M. stand for, with regards to time?

How would a deity refer to individual humans? Not by the names we use. My cat refers to herself by her scent, I use my name. I refer to her by a name I use and she refers to me by my scent. So how do deities refer to each other, and do they use those same metaphors for us? Do we each have secret divine names for when the deities are talking about us? Do they think about us in how our brains are organized, or what we hold control over? Is a farmer who controls what grows from acres of land more to a deity than Elon Musk, who controls seemingly nothing important to them?

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