Hey, doing a chlll stream of Panzer Dragoon Saga again! Come and relax on our mislabeled wyvern.

Doing a 1 PM PST chill stream today with Panzer Dragoon Saga!

Aaaaa Praise the Force for your jolly cooperation in joining my Jedi Souls stream today! Love you all 💜
We'll continue our adventure on Kashyyyk next Saturday, including a guest appearance by Saw Gerrera himself!

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Hey y'all! I'm going to be streaming Jedi Souls (a.k.a. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order) in 8 minutes (1 PM PST) on my Twitch channel! Come for the excitement and lore as this ties into The Clone Wars apparently.

Time was meaningless to some of my roommates until I mentioned that today was trash collection day.

Bad: normative, classist, eugenicist transhumanism.

Awesome: queer furry transhumanism.

Petition to turn today into the Daypril Of Wonders.

Mandatory TDOV photo 

Reminder: If you like jazz and funk inflected IDM and Noise music, consider slamming that Patreon button for @Ratttz !


Actually... fuck it. Given what I've been banging my head against for the past couple days it fits.

Trans day of fluid dynamics.

Its the Trans Day of Visibility.
But, I mean, that's every day on Masto.
Anyhow, hi, I'm trans and it rocks. Try it sometime.

Its always cathartic when you see a Karen at the supermarket disrespecting employees and getting security called on her ass for it.

Just woke up with this profound resonance about how my body is literally self constructed and what a fucking masterpiece it is.

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