I used the word "gerunded" today and I feel dirty.

:looks away from Mastodon for ten minutes:
:looks back:
:everyone's horny:
Well I should have expected that.

Uspol, 12 Days of Protest 


On the first day of protests, all these folks came to me:
Twelve security folks
Eleven working Baofengs
Ten medics healing
Nine observers 'bserving
Eight de-escalators
Seven stations broadcasting
Six Trotskies flyering
Five stupid CHUDs!
Four police liaisons
Three snack vans
Two DJs
And a good leftist armed attorney!

Mathematicians Analyze "The Witness" Game 

"One of the most unusual things about The Witness' puzzles is some are Sigma_2-complete, Demaine notes. For those who are a bit unsure what that means - which I certainly was! - Sigma_2-completeness refers to a point in the polynomial hierarchy, which features a variety of different levels of problem-solving complexities.

NP-completeness involves solving problems using brute force; Sigma_2-completeness is a step up from that; and PSPACE-completeness is more complex yet again, having to do with polynomial time (the amount of time it takes for a computer to solve a problem) and time complexity (the computational complexity of the amount of time it takes a computer to run a specific algorithm)."


One of the papers discussed (PDF): erikdemaine.org/papers/Witness

Even wild rabbits, eternally terrified of being snapped up and eaten, find time to play.

Gods damn it, we really need doulas for GRS.

And what the Fudge Daleks led to! 

And a story for this! I brought these to a party at @LeDiva 's apartment where I met up with Neil Marsh of the Post-Meridian Radio Players. I have a picture of him consuming a Fudge Dalek around here somewhere. In any case, that Fudge Dalek got us talking about a project that ended up becoming themaskofinanna.com/
He was convinced I could write it when he read a short novel of mine called "Provincetown, Ho!".

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Seattle pol, Gaston lyrics, 45 mention 

🎵 No one whines like Durkan
Tells a line like Durkan
Throws a tantrum so as asinine as Durkan!
No one spits like Durkan
Throws a fit like Durkan
Except Trump who should really go quit like Durkan! 🎵

Rant - Trans literature and cis folks gripe 

Back in the early 2000s, trans literature was mostly cis people writing about what trans people transitioning was doing to *them* not the trans folks. Like fucking Julie Ann Peters' "Luna" which is all about the narrator gobsessing over her sister's transition. And then her sister gets a tech job and all is well.
Fucking hell.

Do you have a crush on me?

re: Terrible Gothic humor don't read 

(This post brought to you by me annoying @minimink on her stream channel.)

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Terrible Gothic humor don't read 

If you give a bunch of Goths work, are they Busy Goths?
If you have a bunch of Goths drinking soda, are they Fizzy Goths?
If you have a bunch of Goths fry their hair at the salon, are they Frizzy Goths?
If you spin a bunch of Goths right round baby right round like a record baby, are they Dizzy Goths?

Funny how "phone" is now "insanely powerful portable computer with access to the world's knowledge and emojis" instead of "chonky analog device hardwired to a network once hacked by cereal whistles."

I'm so fucking happy to be trans.
I'm so fucking ecstatic to be on the spectrum.
I'm so amazingly blessed to be queer, poly, and sexual.
This is me and I am so heckin' proud of myself.

If anyone wants there to be a reprinted Silicon Dawn tarot deck for purchase ( egypt.urnash.com/tarot/ ), please reply to @anthracite at this thread: dragon.style/@anthracite/10441

CD Projekt Red making a Cyberpunk game is like straight people in the Discothèque.

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