Seattle Metro Fares Resuming Oct 1 

Fare Collection:
- Effective October 1, King County Metro will resume fare collection.

Hey gang! The Pink Umbrella Medical Collective (PUMC) is starting a free pop-up clinic this Friday in Cal Anderson Park in Seattle. They're offering both free medical services and mental health care. Please go if you need the help!
And please donate if you can to support this lovely cause!

If you want to help those picked up by SPD, please donate to the Northwest Community Bail Fund:

They do excellent work and are active in helping pay for bail in the Seattle area.

The Unpacking demo looks rad as hell. It's about unpacking your things in a new apartment. That's all.

Seattle is literally sepia toned outside today. Stay indoors, stay safe.

Annapurna Interactive is selling a limited edition run of eight PS4 indie games:
Donut County
Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition
Outer Wilds
Sayonara Wild Hearts
Telling Lies
What Remains of Edith Finch

Please stop asking Jon Bois to review Blaseball.

Labor Day! 

It is Labor Day. It exists despite capitalism. This day is a fire that we continually feed to remember our struggles to be treated decently as workers.

At the local bakery. They were selling gourmet chocolate Twinkies so I ordered one. However they accidentally broke it in half while transferring it to the bag. So they gave me a second on the house.
Now I have two chocolate breakfast Twinkies.

Birdsite link, Things Women in Literature Have Died From 

Things Women in Literature Have Died From:
Cold hands
Beautiful face
Missing slippers
Wrist fevers
Night brain
Going outside at night in Italy
Shawl insufficiency
Too many pillows
Garden troubles
Someone said "No" very loudly while they were in the room
Letter-reading fits
Drawing-room anguish
Not enough pillows
Haven't seen the sea in a long time
Too many novels
Pony exhaustion
Strolling congestion
Sherry served too cold
Ship infidelity
Spent more than a month in London after growing up in Yorkshire

Uspol reassurance 

Whatever happens, folks, remember the Proud Boys can't hold a line when outnumbered, the cops can't hold a line when defunded, and the Republicans can't hold a line when honest.

Cute Fox-Zelda game "TUNIC" has a demo out!
It's adorbs and plays very well.

Strike, not really pol 

Nice that a general strike aligns with my key goal of not wanting to get up this early.

Don't withhold your joy until you think you deserve it. It's important for you to celebrate separately from your victories.

Be kind y'all in spite of everything 

As the world grows kinder and softer, the ones who benefited from it being colder and meaner will bellow and fight. Lead them to despair.

Birdsite, becoming homeless 

This imgur post discusses how to prepare yourself for homelessness and what to expect.
Full disclosure - one of my best friends has been homeless since the late 2000s has been living our of her car since then and this matches up with some of her lived experience.

Hurry and see! Hurray and see! Charlotte Bronte's expedition into the nightmare world of Bloodborne continues! See the horrible Spider-Man! Hear the terrible song of the Choir! Be enraptured by the mass of the One Reborn!

I'm streaming Bloodborne again at 2 PM PST today!!!! I've got a whole swath of boss fights and hunter battles all lined up. Come and check it out!

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