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update: they were in the large manila envelope labeled "GENDER LETTERS"

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Really at some point I think people are going to have to pry the clonking, dead fist of Steve Jobs from the throat of our collective intuitions about security and simply accept that the 'completely naive' user should not be a target.

People spend enough time with and using computing resources that they develop models of how they work, a sort of 'folk technology' shaped by the UI, so they're going to 'learn' something anyway, it should actually reflect the realities of the system more.

Instead of trying various UI hacks to see what might prompt a naive user to do the right thing, it's probably better to work toward giving users a more accurate mental model. No, this doesn't mean 'hour of code' or everyone being a programmer.

(Though erasing the programmer/user distinction would be nice.)

Having people get basic security concepts in mind, what the threats are, what guards against them, how they work, what the mitigations CAN do and what they CAN'T. Given that social engineering is and always will be a /thing/, I don't think there's really any way this can be avoided.

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I am the sort of terrible person who would write a rap to teach the kids these days about mathematical proofs and call myself Notorious Q.E.D.

And I would only feel a *small* amount of shame!

You haven't lived until you've dug through a stack of ~100 pieces of paper, muttering "where are my genders, aaaghhh where are my genders..."

Fuck everything

I'm fronting now

We're making pancakes

*sees new masto profile*



If there's one thing that being a sysadmin for 25+ years has prepared me for, it's resolving formidable dependency graphs down to a linear sequence of operations.

In other news: my name change order, divorce judgement, and stack of gender marker letters all landed this week.

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tfw you follow someone on insta for like a year without even realizing they’re cis 🤯

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