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you: internalized misogyny
me, a prominent and totally non-creepy sexologist: autogynephobia

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It’s always weird to me when people use “free software” or “open-source” to market their app that is only supported on proprietary, commercial platforms.

if you copy and paste this image into right now, it will immediately do absolutely nothing, and probably nobody will notice

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Oh wow. My mother actually used my name for the first time.

My least favorite part of that trope where a girl walks into a walk-in closet full of clothes and shoes and says she has nothing to wear is that I have three tops, two pairs of jeans, and a pair of shoes, but I still never feel like I can say I haven’t enough to wear without invoking that trope.

We here at the do not condone or encourage kinkshaming.

Even if the kink is weird and disquieting, like having North-Up on a real-time navigation map.

i'm not a communist i just whole-heartedly support communism but i'm not a communist

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the girl version of sans undertale, sans junipero

hokay. we’ve got this. *deep breaths*

*Tina Belcher voice* I’m a strong, smart, sensual woman. I’m a strong, smart, sensual woman.

the fact that I need to get out of bed if I want to be able to eat breakfast and take my meds is frankly transmisogynistic

literally sitting in a car, behind the library, at 1am, shitposting with @kurtm and @pamela

recovery is happening

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