are clever hacks poetry but in code, or is poetry clever hacks but with language?

or both at once?

today (April 7) we celebrate three years of the

we've pissed off everyone from Adam Curry (remember that knucklehead?) to Gargron, we're viewed in some circles as an example of authoritarian moderation gone wrong, and we're fully funded by donations from our members

i'd say it's been a good three years

"It's like spaceflight. You just gotta go sideways faster than you go down."

covid-19 slice of life, exercise 

vore joke 

Federated DDoS app powered by ActivityPub when

Having watched Princess Mononoke evening before last, it felt appropriate to paint a wolf.
The colours kind of happened by accident, but I like how they came out.
(About forty-five minutes painting)


Are y'all taking care of yourselves in these shitty times?

Fed? Watered? Bathed? Medicated? Saw the sun and went outside for a bit? That's still perfectly fine to do btw, just play "people is lava". :D How about talked to friends and stayed in the loop (then again, that's why we're -here-, right?)

The tides will ebb eventually, but right now being there for yourself is more important, not less.

"The bathrooms are down this hall."
"Wow. How many are there?"
"One for every gender"
"Infinite. The hall never actually ends."

there is too much going on for one person to ever do all of, and that's okay. that's Good, Actually

rats, we're rats, gain a rats!
trash a card that's in your hand and not a rats
or reveal a hand that contains only rats~
when you trash this card draw plus one card!!

i love how my friends love learning new things and creating things.

it's a really good influence ❤️

you, foolish: stop trying to make futch happen, it’s not going to happen

(photo cw: selfie, direct eye contact. and sorry about the lighting in this one)

*opens dragon maw, emits sensation of standing in an old growth redwood forest far away from any human noises as a gentle rainfall patters on the branches of the upper canopy*

Drugs; capitalist attrocities; ongoing assassination campaign; Coca-Cola 

buying women's clothes, rolling 2d6 to figure out my size

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