You know it's interesting to see how everyone abandoned snouts online for twitter and suddenly those same people who used to talk to me on snouts a lot suddenly want nothing to do with me now that we're not instance buddies. I see you guys

anyways I think I'm finally over the whole thing and the experience I had with snouts and mastodon and am ready to try to give this fediverse an honest chance again, instead of just throwing some art on once in a while and going "hey check it out, art"

There was just like this weird parasocial circlejerk going on on that website and I feel like I got caught up in it because I actively posted there, but now that we're not all occupying the same local space it just feels like a lot of people went "ok we don't have to do the parasocial circlejerk anymore"
Do I care if they liked me or not there? Not really, but it is a shame that some people I thought were pretty cool won't talk to me at all now, even after trying to keep up that coolness on Twitter

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The duality of corgis.

Owashii: ":blobfoxowo:💦​"
Artemis: "Maybe if I talk to this bench I'll figure out what I'm supposed to do- oh I'm supposed to talk to the guy on the bench. Eh, close enough!"

Thinking back to when our family adopted Abbie from the animal shelter, and one of the volunteers saw Abbie with our mother, and was like "Oh, are you just taking her for a walk?"

And our mother said "No, we're adopting her."

And the volunteer pumped her fist and was like "Yesss!"

furries i have a question
what creature do you interpret this as?

MH self-care 

I've uninstalled my news app to keep me from doom-scrolling.

Interesting how much of Early 2000's Internet Speak is just like... common typos
"teh", "liek", etc

weird spontaneous microfic 

everybody heard it, at the exact same moment in time--in my time zone it happened at 5 pm on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021, but they heard it at 6 pm in Colorado Springs, 7 pm in Minneapolis, and so on, all around the world. it was a single, perfect G flat. it lasted exactly 5/8ths of a second, and we know that because it appears on every sound recording being made at the time, and can be measured as accurately as anything else recorded in the given medium. it was heard by the people on the International Space Station. it was heard by every single person in the world, including deaf people, which isn't the weirdest thing.

the weirdest thing, the thing that's really freaking everybody out... is that it was measured by Perseverance, on Mars, *at the exact same time*. we didn't get the message from Mars that it had been heard for eleven minutes, but when we did, the timestamp is unmistakable.

and... that was it. nothing else. the world didn't end, aliens didn't appear, absolutely nothing happened. we all just heard that one, impossible sound, together.

and we may never know what it means.

nuclear disarmament is the only issue on which I will heartily say, "America first"


Hey, just so you all know, is antisemitic, at least, that's the easiest explanation for the following stuffs.

lewd, very bad idea 

Gonna start my own line of IoT chastity wear, and I'm going to call it CockBlockr.

Cooking, cursing (+++) 

This biscuits turned out fucking delicious.

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