Trauma affecting relationships in queer communities 

TIL my unfiltered response to getting sirred is now just “oh _come_ on” while barely looking up from my phone

and I kind of like whatever that says about my current relationship with my gender (if not about my level of Niceness)

Lewd prompt, vertigo, pix SFW 

yiff, lewd, furry 

Discourse, PSA 


USA, disability, a reminder 

musings about being a "gifted kid" 

re: hot take re: libraries under capitalism. 

What if we were both girls and we kissed on all all the members of the set of real numbers???

dogs used to say "Arf" and "Bow-Wow" . Now they say cool stuff like "Im pupy"

re: musings about being a "gifted kid" 

i am probably not going to ever share what my legal name fully is anywhere online if i can help it.

that's what pen names are for!

Firearms; tech joke; false information 

re: musings about being a "gifted kid" 

Flower crown selfie, eye contact, :boost_ok: 

anti-dating sim: how can i keep senpai from noticing me? i got my own stuff going on

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