It has been

0 days

Since our husbands flailed an adult toy at us and sang about it

No context, use your imagination

is it a hot take to consider empathy part of intelligence? it just makes sense to me in a deep way

if corruption of champions taught me anything, it's that partial or incremental tf triggers should be ubiquitous and freely available for all

how do you measure "better drying"

like, I get it, this stuff works
but how do you come up with "100% better drying"

I would like to get this off our chest though, just to help us move forward:

If you don't approve of therapy: fine, you do you. You probably have your reasons and that's okay.

If you don't approve of therapy and actively criticize people who benefit from it: go fuck yourself.

It's time to go beyond imagining dragons and start actualizing them

yeen is not dog firmware on cat hardware

yeen is yeen firmware on yeen hardware

we've been trying to reach you about your Mastodon's extended warranty

Vulpine Club has nothing planned for April Fool's Day, as per usual

I want to do some maintenance in the upcoming week or so, which will take the site down for a few hours, but I'll hold off to announce that until April 2 UTC or later

oh hey it's April 1 UTC

be on the lookout for scams, pranks, lies, gaslighting, bullshit, fake news, fake olds, run-of-the-mill vaporware, extraordinary announcements, and -- in general -- bad attempts at humor

this self-deflating whoopie cushion of a PSA brought to you by me

today's gender is the knowledge that i have killed a man and taken all his stuff, including his body

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