Actually wait... I can quantify some of the coyote feels on an abstract level no problem.

We're not better than you, nor will we ever be. We're just down and dirty scrubland fuckers having wild parties under the stars. Don't go thinking you're some hot shit VIP, but do please join us and have a good time. 💜

Might sound contradictory as fuck, but us liars and cheats of the animist mythos are honest and sincere in this way.

startled by seeing my own profile pic because brionne isn't green

It's only a free market if new competition can truly compete with the existing monopolies or duopolies on value. Otherwise it's just sparkling privatized market regulation.

Periodic reminder that institutions like Disney have stolen far more actual earnings - though plagiarization, withheld payments, abusive contracts, etc. - from creators than online pirates ever will. Never mind their theft from the public domain.

Executive dysfunction and your own self-treatment 

If you could stick to a regime of self-treatment for your ADHD, depression, etc. (e.g. daily meditation, exercise, todo lists) all on your own, then you probably wouldn't need such a diagnosis in the first place.

It's okay to get help with things you can't do all on your own.

Meds and therapy and such are not a cheat any more than an elevator is a cheat for someone with a broken leg.

the flip side of not missing what you never knew is that you don't know what you're not missing

perhaps life could be much much better for you than you ever knew

if you really want to be your fursona (or other OC), and that fursona/OC is a different gender than what gender you currently think you are, you might be transgender.

Also, if you really want to be your fursona, regardless of gender, you might be transspecies.

I had to learn this the hard way.

i play the spell gender, pot of greed! this allows me to draw two additional genders from my deck

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Shot through the heart
And you're to blame, darlin'
The Card Game

@IceWolf colored me!!

[my clawtips are really black, but that wouldn't show up on the black background]

Selfbuilding: It's like worldbuilding, but for your actual self. :3

Kinda like making a fursona except the sona is me.

If you show a prototype machine to a manager or customer, they can see the duct tape that's holding it together; it's obviously not production ready.

It's hard enough to see the digital duct tape that holds prototype software together, and yet we often hide that behind a polished UI; it should come as no surprise when we're asked how quickly we can put apparently finished code into production.

Show the duct tape. Avoid UI polish. Get the designers on board with sketching first and only refining after the prototype works. Document those unaddressed edge cases (and frequent cases) as visibly as possible. A manager who makes the conscious decision to request more polish will take ownership of that decision.

mastodon feature request re: follow requests 

tell me whether I already sent a follow request that was denied

I'm never sure if my follow request got denied, or I misremembered whether I sent one at all

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