You know what? I'm also going to share some wisdom because this has -literally- been one of the Refrains in my life.

If someone's trying to restrict or punish you and their phrasing is any permutation of "We need to keep you safe/we're here to protect you", etc.

At minimum, in that moment, they're a cop. No one who says this is acting in your best interest. No one.

not body horror, just a kind of surreal experience 

I was looking in the mirror this morning and noticed my third eyelids for the first time, and then I remembered I don't have third eyelids

medical peril, implied perversion, out of context quote 

"Don't give yourself hypothermia with an ice cream enema. I'm not driving anyone to the hospital."

fuck the economy and its stupid magical numbers

you don't hate Mondays, you hate the concept of linear time

current plurality status: it feels good to refer to us as a collective, but damned if we could tell you what's in it

people give the fediverse shit for having content warnings, but you know what?

coming up with the content warning is half of the fun of shitposting

i just played a "medical peril" and an "implied perversion" in the same CW, which gives me a triple score

Here's 25 minutes of scribbled nonsense that emerged from my tired haze of a couple of days ago.

Foxes. We are, to paraphrase from the former keeper of Loki The Red Fox.

Like if you took an 18-pound ferret that could jump 6 feet in the air, gave them the aloofness of a cat, the playfulness of a dog, the attention span of a squirrel, and there's still a good half leftover that's straight-up fox.

Every time I see a pet, my first instinct is to inform it of its species

Thank the rains, the AQI's sub-100 today.

I can open my windows again. I can fucking EXERCISE again!

Human musings/discourse (abuse as a concept) 

But seriously, there's two things we need to get a handle on if this species is to survive with any semblance of dignity.

First, and prolly most important, is to figure out how to handle "power paranoia". See there's this weird phenomenon the richest and the 'elite' start seeing everyone else as both inferior and threatening, and, well, there's a reason the abuse only really stops when the sword of Damocles falls from it's threads. Fuck I'd advocate for Maoism without a second thought if it didn't just herald more of the same filling the vacuum.

The other is "breaking the cycle". I know it best from a broad swath of things that include corporal punishment and carcerial logic, but the single biggest thing abusing someone does to their mind... is it makes them about 4 times more likely to abuse others. Or to be more specific, what's intended to be 'positive punishment' (adding noxious stimuli to discourage a behavior) is... reinforcing positive punishment more than it is extinguishing other behaviors no matter HOW well-targeted it is.

I'm not sure what that takes on a grand scale, and I fear that first one may be hardwired (has anyone -studied- billionaires?), but that second one is -absolutely- societal/normative, and norms can be shifted.

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my hot squirrel wife can't possibly be this gender affirming

offer for someone in the fire areas, pls boost 

Hi friends I have a TR1 tactical respirator I’d like to give away. It has a face seal and electrostatic filters. It is unused. The carrying case has been opened just to look at it. I would like to give this to someone living in particularly bad air conditions such as those in Oregon or someone who is particularly at risk due to underlying conditions. I only have one but may be able to get more.

Me: "...sorry for the rant about capitalism."

Subway employee: "No, please, go ahead!"

Ok real talk the 1k+ character limit helps -a ton- for actual discussions. Those who gripe about the 500-as-default kiiiiind of have a point.

(Yes I'll do positive subtoots almost without a second thought)

I've a bit of fascination with tiny living spaces.
Places like boat cabins, where every cubic-metre is used efficiently.
Folding beds, raised areas, carefully designed environments.

These two paintings were about three hours of exploring those ideas and having fun with it.

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