gonna use the word 'illegal' when i mean 'moral' bc laws are immoral :blobcatsip:

P.S. I’m still nonbinary dang it, it’s possible to be both at once 💙

A lot of people who want to learn art give up very quickly, believing they don't have the ability to learn.

Talent is a lie though. It doesn't exist.

Sometimes people will try and not learn as quickly as they think they should. Yet nobody would pick up a violin and expect to learn to play all on their own without anyone or anything to guide them. There are scales and techniques to practice.

For art, this involves re-learning how to see things, so you can form specifics about the shape, rather than just creating a symbol of it in your mind. And this involves developing the coordination for mark making. And how to construct shapes so they look like something.

It's no wonder people get frustrated and give up when they try to figure out the entire history of art on their own.

Use some resources and learn! I promise it's a lot more effective to practice *well* than to just hope that scribbling on paper will make you better.

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Four of my "Frequently Used" emoji are foxes.

I need to fix this and make them exclusively foxes.

'course I'm more annoyed by the way horrible car people not only build horrible car places with no density, no transit, and heavy zoning keeping anything you might want to walk to from being in walking distance, but building places WITHOUT SIDEWALKS at all.

It's ridiculous that even in areas with actual commercial buildings that people work in that you COULD bus to you can't, or at least can't safely, because while they're only a quarter mile from the bus stop, most of that has no sidewalk and no /CROSSWALK/ even. The city council justified this by claiming there was no 'feeder' like an apartment or school, to 'justify' a sidewalk.

If a street is justified, a sidewalk is justified.

Apart from search engines having no business rewriting my queries, this is a bit…suspicious…

Barq's Root Beer (sugary version) has caffeine in the canned and fountain form factors, but not in the Freestyle form factor.

We have verified this with Coke's nutrition information web site.

Why? How? I'll come up with a conspiracy theory soon, but I just wanted to get this out there before-- shit, gotta go

roses are a plant-based sexual reproductive organ
as are violets
I do not understand
your primitive human customs

roses are red
violets are blue
mooooooooooom come see what
phineas and ferb decided to do

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