We as a society don't use "men's" enough as a qualifier, especially in the realms of business and sports. "So-and-so is the top male basketball player," "Apple is the richest male-run company," "Roosevelt was the longest-serving male president," etc. Sure hits differently, doesn't it?

Competition is toxic.
Striving for personal bests while being supported by others pursuing the same endeavor is growth.

Neurodivergence musings, perspective 

Are autistic people truly that dependent on explicit instructions or are allistic people too quick to either guess at intent or to work unnecessarily hard to cover all the bases just in case?

Notice how one set of interpretations (and they are only interpretations) makes life much easier for bosses and how the other one exposes any lack of understanding about the work being delegated.

Neither approach is intrinsically better but capitalism (and similar power imbalances) certainly favor one over the other the vast majority of the time.

What a week! 

Captain it's Tuesday morning.

If anything, those who take public transit should be paid for going out of their way to take a system of transportation that minimizes carbon footprints and fuel resources.

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Public transit should be free.

This shouldn't even be a /discussion./

The fuck is wrong with you, anyone who charges for public transportation?

Our husband asked us if we wanted to get back into Jewelry-smithing, and we're not sure.

On the one hand, we would have to get a /lot/ of tools if we were going to actually get serious about it.

On the other, this was our crowning achievement when we were silversmithing back in high-school.

Both of these were done by hand, the only machine assistance were power tools.

Vorish thoughts 

Why yes I do appreciate dragons (and how tasty they can be :9)

(I belieeeeve these were both sketches from twitter.com/voidflame )

woofle (emoji spam) 

:arctic_fox:​🐺 :corgi:​🐺 :wolf_pixel_dark:
:wolf_pixel::wolf_pixel_dual:​🐺 :corgi:​🐶
🐕 :updog:​ 🐕 🐺 :corgi:

re: Baking (+++++), cursing 

These cinnamon rolls turned out SO fucking good. Like, so fucking good.

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Wait... The appreciation is coming from..

... INSIDE the dragon!

today is National Appreciate A Dragon Day!

hello dragons, i appreciate you 💜

housemate subtoot (very +) 

We had a conversation with our housemate about the fact that we're plural yesterday, and we learned that our housemate has an incredibly instinctive understanding of how plurality works, and flat out rejected false assumptions of it.

In other words, they had looked up what it means, found things that compared it to incorrect definitions if it being a "disorder", and immediately and correctly realized "No, that's wrong. This isn't a disorder, I just don't know enough to understand it."

The /only/ reason they didn't ask us about it before was that they were concerned about it possibly being a trigger, since they didn't fully understand what it meant.

Ominous voice 

Your foxxo-derg has awakened.

How much of your anxiety comes from an overactive nervous system and how much of it comes from an intrinsically stressful environment?

If you're neurodivergent then it could be much more of the latter than we're being told.

Never underestimate the degree to which the normative experience - neurological, ableist, gendered, racial, sexual, privileged etc. - is coddled by society at large.

When you wanna go to the Great Lakes but you don't have a lot of money to spend so you settle.

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