re: now, witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational 

Randomly exploring around google maps and finding a horrible McMansion for in the books I am just...

what the FUCK is that roof???

just saw a promo for a new show

which included this text, now stuck in my head:


what if a conlang with its only purpose being to sound Really Significant for rituals?

wait that'd just be ancient latin

Aaah, it's done :D

Thanks to @extinct for doing such a great job with it. :D
(You should commission them when you have the option and the desire)
CW, once again for gigantic long fingers, this time with typing

topless selfies, eye contact 

What if you were in the L2 cache and we were in the L3 cache and we kissed when we moved into the L2 cache
And both of us were girls
😳 😳

is it fair to say i have a policy of not doing hollywood movies until/unless they've been around for a few years and people still remember them?

they churn out a lot of forgettable time-wasters

hrt, anniversary 

my “chihiro fujisaki is a trans girl, viewed from the perspective of a transmisogynistic writer who believes trans girls are just boys in skirts” t-shirt has people asking a lot of questions already answered by the shirt

I know too many of you out there who wouldn't even think twice before using this.

I'm not as proud of this page as I would like to be. But it's done.

My cat is trying to figure out how to kill me -and- still get fed.

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