More people should call me ‘prince’ and ‘my liege’

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tired: hating the concept of "mac versus pc" because a macintosh is a personal computer by definition

wired: hating the concept of "mac versus pc" because macintosh computers use x86 processors these days and are architecturally identical to other brands of computer

inspired: hating the concept of "mac versus pc" because the unique processor architecture that the macintosh used prior to the x86 migration was literally called powerpc

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remember to rewind your music before returning it to your favourite streaming music service

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one of those days when i am perfectly okay, aside from being really tired and unable to stop saying "Dick Butkus" in a very low voice

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Pretty sure my gender is not computable in polynomial time. You could say I'm NB-complete.

Fav this post and I’ll subtoot you asking if you want a kiss

You know that experience when you have an undergrad-at-best understanding of a topic and even you know someone has no idea what they're talking about, only seeking to confirm their own biases in academic-sounding language?

Sure is a lot of that going around lately, huh?

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