check out my character though! first male video game avatar in a loooooooong while and he’s just a genderswapped version of me

(and yes, having “genderswapped” basically just mean changing the direction my shirt buttons up is very intentional)

Aaaaaaaand @Kyresti and I just lost the LDB challenge. We played with honor.
We don't care though - we're about to get some amazing food!

Some practice scribbles for one of my favorite Pokemon.

Here's a proper reference for me!
This is what I look like!

I have ADHD, or as it’s known in the Unix world, “focus follows mouse”

announcing, the gay awards

first prize goes to the girl reading this :blobcatflower:

this has been, the gay awards

silly subtoot, no context 

ah--I just went and checked and yeah, young crow is cleaning up the peanuts and cat food off the railing. XD yay! I need to get into the habit of putting food for them out there regularly, especially in the cold months, so they'll come back in spring. ;)

I think if anyone ever said I was de-transitioning or had ever done so, they'd be vastly missing the whole point.

Signed, presently one of those weird he/him lesbians. :p

It’s Fox Spirit Appreciation Day!
Appreciate me!
Hug a fox!
Feel foxy!
Call me old because I’m old now.

@lynnesbian at least it doesn't have an "unregistered hypercam 2" watermark?

saw a Shiba Inu poking their head out a car window during a snow squall recently

may you have the opportunity to express such Joy and Wonder

shit, i'll have to learn how to dance and deck it out with glowsticks too.

... there's a part of me that's a total slut for attention and affection and i should feed it more. i usually try to shy away from it and feel irrelevant as a result

trans suicides (not recent, am safe) 

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