The weirdest piece of trivia I know is that the janitor of a school is often the best paid person in the district because they serve as a boiler master... which is actually a very important job as they make adjustments to prevent the boiler from blowing up, and thus probably taking a good portion of the school with it.

Buying up a former elementary or middle school to make a commune within would be 👌 good shit.

meta, Gargamel, money 


it isn't the donations that are the issue

Donations are a legit form of income and we all have to survive

It's the fact he's taking advantage of people's generosity and corporate sponsorship at once and making himself damn near rich, if not actually rich

to me that's unethical and greedy, when others who need that money far more could be getting it, instead it goes to make a fat cat even fatter

So fuck him.

lewd shitpost 

You suck like 8 god damn dicks and suddenly everyone says you're queer.


so it turns out that pork belly futures haven't been traded since 2011, because the supply and demand for bacon are both pretty constant throughout the year nowadays

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look at this gay little catgirl

i love her

i would give her a kiss if she wanted

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okay I've given Eugen free space in my brain for the requisite 1 hour this month, time to turn to better topics

how about those... looks at index card... pork belly prices at the Chicago Board of Trade, huh

this hour of Mastodon brought to you in part by the Quebec Sex Arse Cabal

feeling like a teenager lately, in a way that's like...

you know the usual thing one does in their teenage years (as is constructed in western society), finding one's self-concept through trying things and socializing with others?

i feel like i am only now really doing that, because i haven't felt free to. and i understand that's a very common mood among queer folk.

i think that has been part of my insecurities. not really having a sense of who i am or who i want to be. and i feel that keenly when i see people who very much do and run with it, and like ... i want to be like that, but i am not them. i am me. what does that mean?

Sorry, do you mind waiting a sec before we head out? I gotta check my email at the payphone real quick

medical opinion 

WPATH shouldn't be taken seriously until they decide to listen to trans people (or only listen when the controversy becomes too much to bear) and include trans and especially non-binary doctors in the discussion.

Frankly, cis people don't know what they're talking about or what's best for trans people.

landlords, gripe 

For all those landlords with all that lost income I hear there's a job shortage in fast food why don't they go do that if their investment isn't working out?

two very different kinds of bodymod (+) 

surgery consult and new tattoo booked for the same week in September, i am Excited

Just a friendly reminder

Mastodon doesn't need your patreon money nearly as much as your local instance owners do

Roxy's gonna be appearing in a game (besides shield cat wow!) so I had to make a ref for her "in-game" version, which is a simplified (and standardized) version of her for use, well, in games heh

This dragon breathes keysmash for some reason?

(about twenty minutes doodling)

COVID, media, gripe about how the pandemic was handled 

To give you an idea about how bad this all is:

The United States population is poised to decline for the first time in recent history from deaths caused by COVID.

You can't tell me that isn't going to change everything.

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Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Hypercam 2

why are high level corporate officers called executives? they don't actually execute anything themselves

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