Tech Sector Job Interviews Assess Anxiety, Not Software Skills

A new study from North Carolina State University and Microsoft finds that the technical interviews currently used in hiring for many software engineering positions test whether a job candidate has performance anxiety rather than whether the candidate is competent at coding. The interviews may also be used to exclude groups or favor specific job candidates.

tired: nature reclaiming a brutalist building
wired: the artificiality of a brutalist building deteriorating, due to a lack of upkeep effort

nature is the default thing, artificiality is something we create to separate ourselves from it. it is something that takes active effort to maintain, and sometimes it's worth letting go.

like our constructed idea of "normal". it is only ever a thing for some, and paid for with a horrifically high price.

twitter is burning down people are actually noticing 

the person who hacked this must've leaked admin panel screenshots so now there's photographic evidence of censorship and shadowbans that twitter says they don't do

told ya so

We are giving back to the Vulpine Club community.

All pettings sent to the below address will be returned doubled! If you pet the fox below, you will receive two pettings in return! Only doing this for 30 minutes.


uspol covid important 

starting today hospitals aren't allowed to report numbers to the CDC directly

they have to go through a private entity that's politically biased

don't trust the CDC numbers

yeah okay, we're a data witch and a sorceress of the highly non-standard and jank

we own it, it's badass

nonbinary day selfies (eye contact) 

the eyebrow is just how I roll. the sneer takes a bit more intent. (today is nonbinary day; every day is queer villain pride day)

You know what phenomenon where a laborious piece of work gets crickets from the creator's audience but an off-the-cuff piece takes off?

It's a real phenomenon but it's easy to overlook how much time and effort the creator had put into priming their subconscious to produce such resonant work.

It's especially easy for the creator themselves to overlook how far they've come to reach that point in their creative development because they took every individual step of that entire journey.

Where are you on that journey?

hey it's apparently ! I'm not international but I am nonbinary! (I am also not day, but I'll accept the label temporarily as I currently am under sunlight and therefore have no choice in the matter)

thinking abt how spop has such rich and compelling characters, who invariably have hauntingly awful names

hi i use a bow and so my name is bow, this is my best pal glimmer who is so named because she sparkles, her aunt is a sorcerer and her name is castaspella

we are fighting a catgirl and her name is of course catra

it's amazing

welp. um. cool! my passion for fucking around with tech is definitely back now

someone referred to us by our chosen last name and it felt actually pretty good?

like it's indicative of us as a whole and not just kit. she's wonderful and all but she shouldn't be conflated with us.

... and we're laughing a bit cuz this last name was arbitrary. it was a random drop-down menu selection when we signed up for second life, cuz it just sounded the most appealing

Check in on your funny friends. That humor is often a coping mechanism.

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