First post on Facebook after I noticed it's back online.

Also, they seem to have fixed the whole " is spam" problem.

Upcoming Seattle time is sinking in a bit. Rising excitement. Going to get to see my folks.


I was going to go for a walk this morning, but I sat down to put on my shoes and socks and a cat jumped in my lap.

kink self-meta, + 

Hitting a point where we're not ashamed about what we're into, and at this point we figure that if there are appropriate content warnings, it's not up to us whether someone looks at something they're not into.

Certain friends are very diligent with content warnings and those who view things they're not into are responsible for clicking "Show more", not us.

It's a very liberating feeling.


PSA is a bot sending spam DMs pretending to shill for the new official mastodon app and shortlinking to very obvious virus scams

do not visit that link (i did safely to investigate) and if you do, don't download whatever the fuck is on there

Dangerous spam alert: Watch out for unexpected DMs which claim that "Someone cloned your profile." The link points to a malware site.

laughing at myself here ...

i kinda felt like even i find the west coast polyamory scene/vibe weird and overwhelming but ...

i am weird and overwhelming in those same ways. i am of it and i can't deny that but it's fuckin funny.

owning it

roses are red
violets are red
everything is red
someone fucked with the color filters

it's snowing on Mt. Fuji

acknowledging and admitting that i suffer from a lot of internalized ableism and autistic burnout

it's actually... surprisingly comforting. i am not alone and this is not unusual but it is sad.

nothing i have suffered from is itself new, and that gives me room for empathy

You did not just zhat zhing me. Uuughhghh why am I craving clams all of a sudden

colored from this base

what if there was something like crusader kings 3, but it's queer polyamory that is the thing tying all the houses together instead of marriage

those would be some wild fucking games

Gonna write a book about a kid going to a magical school. Halfway through they'll discover a potion that lets them affirm their gender. The school-based conflict through the series is going to be another teacher who wrote a series of books at one point who has -extreme- objection to this and is the only teacher with a problem with it.

But, quite literally, the only person with a problem with it will be the teacher and a few students from the 'mean' house. Most of the students will realize that 'hey, this is messed up' and apologize.

Even the BBEG will be all:
"Ah, I've finally got you, Mister Davidson. It's die."
"...uh...actually, it's Miss...and, uh...I go by Rose now?"
"My apologies. None of my henchpeople updated me. *clears throat* Ah, I've finally got you, Miss Rose. It's die."

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The mother is playing Subnautica for the first time, at my suggestion. I'm helping her out with snippets of information when she asks.

The help she DIDN'T ask for was me standing behind her and chanting "TEETH TEETH TEETH" as her first scanner room came online.

I offer a variety of services. <3

what do you call a very clingy coyote? 

A symbiyote

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