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i have cat like reflexes. if i see a cat, i like it reflexively.

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When I grow up..... 

I....... I strongly identify with purple hair here........

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|  Clothing Optional |
|  Beyond This Point |

You have the power to change ONE moment in history. What do you change?

trash cat's law of cryptocurrency: it is impossible to run a scam so obvious that cryptocurrency fans will not fall for it.

Oh, sorry, i didn't see you there... would you like to join me and watch the summer fireworks while skyclad?

(NSFW wallpaper below)

Happy pride month!

New avatar for a new year. what do you think? :D

@ben looks like you made a mention from a youtuber I follow....

Doesn't seem like it's great news, but hey, it's an issue developers are having with Google.... somehow i don't think there was going to be a good outcome...

Me: -suppresses sneeze-

My Back: You did NOT just do that! Nonononono. Not allowed!


[to the time of "Rock the Casbah"] Kill the landlord

DID YOU KNOW? Under the hood your browser refers to itself as a “user agent,” because it is a remnant from a time when we believed the point of software was to make our lives easier, rather than to trick us into buying things we don’t need and infect us with the rage virus

while True:
while pollen.present():

Be me

Look up what graphics card would be a decent replacement for your four generation old card for 1080p gaming that will hopefully be more power efficient...

go down a deeeeeeeep rabbit hole trying figure everything out

end up parting out most of an entirely new PC in your shopping cart.

do some math and realize that you'll need to run the new build for ten years at your usual usage rates to waste enough electricity to recoup the cost of buying the parts

realize you're still getting acceptable performance anyway

siiiiiiiigh because is shiny....

be the financially responsible adult, empty cart and close shopping tabs...

but shiny!....

be strong. be strong foxxo... your wallet will tha..

OH FFS! you just dropped multiple hundreds of dollars on ANOTHER art commission?!?!

-headdesk at self-

Been using reaction stickers of me for work chat messages for almost three years now.... Not like every one, but judiciously to prove a point or emphasize mood.

My boss just now asked in the group chat where i get them all since i seem to have one for every situation....

I answered truthfully without going into details, and I'm curious if he'll let it drop there or if he'll ask why....

1) they're all so consistent in coloration and fur pattern (because they're me, of course)


2) in the few where secondary sex characteristics are noticeable (i.e the ones that it's clear there's boobs under the t-shirt) why the stickers are always female (because they're me, of course)

"Why are you bringing your weapons into my bar?" The bartender asked.

"Mimics" We said.

The bartender laughed.

We laughed.

The table laughed.

We killed the table.

Good times.... Good times.

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