brains are stupid

like, can’t I wait till 7 or 8 am to have crippling anxiety, please? 🥺

storytime, spiders 

mine was on a extended school field trip that was several weeks across central Australia. after I had a run-in with a huntsman spider inside my tent (a harmless but large species) the entire class elected to forgo tents entirely and sleep under the stars. one morning a classmate awoke to find a wallaby standing next to their head and rummaging through a stolen packet of sour worms. he stayed quiet and it left, I still wonder to this day if a wallaby is out there with a taste for refined sugar that no natural food source can satisfy

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gameing, misinformation 

Minecraft is pay-to-win because eventually, gathering more of most resources requires you to spend money on a larger hard drive

echo -e "\033[38;5;206mNya~\033[0m" > girl
cat girl

just look at those amazing LED colors; did an amazing job finding parts that met my vague specifications; and did super well at balancing their brightnesses ^__^

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hmm... mast seems to be having trouble refreshing my 'home' feed for some reason :T

guess ill stick to the wobsite for now

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