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Outer Wilds 🤝 Hollow Knight
everyone keeps saying "he" for genderless characters

The folks who make ublock origin or contribute to the adlists are the heroes we deserve

Dresses and skirts with pockets.

Boost if you agree.

Thinking of all the huge brain geniuses that think being kin is transphobic as if the huge fucking majority of kinnies aren’t queer

do you think the devs at microsoft who worked on the windows 10 versions of solitaire and minesweeper and mahjong and stuff are like. embarrassed by them

internet is back at last so here's a video! woooo

i played woodle tree adventures! a while ago now! since i've been recording while the internet has been unavailable! yay!

ordered a proper rcm jig

i still have no idea whether my switch is vulnerable to fusee-gelee, i tried to short the pins with every small metal object i could find in the house but didn't manage to get it into rcm :blobcatgooglyshrug:

guess i'll find out when the jig arrives :blobcatgooglyshrug:

good things abt dragons:
- wimgs
- pawbs
- snout
- tail
- horns
- scales
- everything

having been racist in the past actually makes you worse at recognizing and criticizing racism, not better

Every time I'm called lazy I just say "yep that's it" now cause I'm too lazy to explain how that's just ableist bullshit and that I wish I had the energy to just do things

I love the "[x] is free" expression, like search engines are free, it costs zero dollars to be nice, stuff like that

I want a post-revolution where we say that shit about everything like,,, to kids who were born in that era and don't know any better and to them everything's free and I just get to say "moving into a better house for your needs is free" and they'd be like "is this about money again give it a rest"

now thinking about how the 'minimalist' dillo browser doesn't support right-to-left text or complex text layout. being able to correctly render arabic or devanagari occupies the same place in the foss mind as javascript

i'm using the public version of yuzu, not the early access build you get by pledging to their patreon

idk if the early access version performs better

it'd definitely be a lot cheaper than buying a second pre-hacked switch though

would be good if consoles just supported mods out of the box, huh,

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i set up yuzu to run odyssey with the superstar mode mod? and it works, but the framerate is pretty horrendous :blobcatthinking:

not sure there's much i can do about that tbh :blobcattilt:

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